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Recently in the media was the message that the first of 20 ordered by the Mexican airline Interjet Sukhoi Superjet 100 aircraft in the next few days will be delivered to the customer. The plane will fly from Venice to the Mexican Toluca with 5 intermediate stops at airports Reykjavik (Iceland), Goose Bay (Canada), Bangor (Maine, USA), Washington (USA) and San Antonio (Texas, USA). In fact, the ceremony of transfer of the aircraft airline Interjet took place at Le Bourget Air Show in 2013, but the plane was delayed in Europe for another month.


18 June 2013 at the Paris Air Show held a handover ceremony of the first Sukhoi Superjet 100 aircraft Mexican airline Interjet. The ceremony was attended by representatives of SuperJet International (SJI) — a joint venture of Alenia Aermacchi (company Finmeccanica) and OJSC "Company" Sukhoi "(JSC" UAC "), the United Aircraft Corporation (UAC), Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation and JSC" Sukhoi Civil Aircraft ".

"We are pleased to announce this significant achievement of the Paris Air Show," — said Nazario Kauchelya, president of SuperJet International. "Over the last few months we have worked closely with our customer, the airline, which is the second largest airline in Mexico." The President of Interjet Luis Garza said: "We are happy to get our first SSJ100 and participate in a major international air show in Europe." He also said that the plane will start commercial operations in Mexico in the near future. "We are fully confident in our choice, as SSJ 100 is ideal for medium-haul domestic routes. It will also help to maintain our services to a high standard, offering comfort trunk liner with reduced operating costs and flexibility in the regional markets, "- said Luis Garza.

As noted by participants in the ceremony, the aircraft presented at Le Bourget with exclusive interior, designed by Pininfarina, a configuration of 93 seats (in increments of seats — 34 inches) in accordance with the high standards imposed by the airline Interjet to the comfort of the passengers. The aircraft was painted in Venice at the production facilities SuperJet International, there was also the set interior.

The interior is really good quality and a more comfortable, rather than established for domestic customers Superjet. That's just not clear what its exclusivity, which is repeatedly told members of the Russian delegation. In my opinion, high quality, modern interior, the same which are installed on production aircraft Boeing and Airbus. Maybe uniqueness in monitors under luggage racks? Yes, for domestic aviation industry is still a sign of exclusivity, and to the west — an ordinary option. However, thanks to the Italian company Pininfarina partners and this is the best interior of the domestic aircraft that I have ever seen. But I would advise SCA to pay attention to local manufacturers of aircraft interiors. They are progressing very quickly and the domestic interior, recently delivered to Cuba AN-158 of the Russian company Rusaviainter in no way inferior to the Italian.

The most interesting news is that the fleet SSJ 100 airline Interjet will be supported by SuperJet International Program SuperCare «Flight Hour": a specially created product sales support, which allows the aircraft to fly with a minimal investment. Spare parts warehouse is located in Fort Lauderdale (USA) will provide spare parts requirements in America. " Finally we heard the significant steps towards the creation of after-sales service. The only pity is that this question, we "decide" not creating their own support system, and refer it to our Italian partners.

According to the company, this program is funded with support from export credit agencies of Italy, France and Russia. Namely: «SACE, COFACE VEB / EXIAR provided visionary approach to such an important deal that paves the way SSJ 100 to the western market", — said in a press release GSS.

And it was not the only highlight of the air show-related aircraft Sukhoi Superjet 100. The day before, on June 17, JSC "Ilyushin Finance." (IFC) and CJSC "Sukhoi Civil Aircraft" (SCAC) signed an agreement on the basic conditions of supply 20 Sukhoi Superjet 100 aircraft. The agreement provides for the organization of lease financing from IFC and 15 aircraft in the basic version SSJ100/95B to customers in Southeast Asia and the Middle East. Another 5 new aircraft modification RRJ-95LR with increased range of "IFC" plans to purchase further supplies to leasing to prospective customers. Deliveries of these aircraft will begin in 2015. Fund the delivery of a planned program of the Government of the Russian financial (guarantee) support
the export of high-tech industrial products. These guarantees are provided by the Government of the Russian banks that lend to buyers of Russian products. It is expected that at the air show MAKS-2013 the agreement will be translated into a firm contract.

And the next day after the aircraft company Interjet, June 19, CJSC "Sukhoi Civil Aircraft" (SCAC) and the company AeroLease (leasing company in Bahrain), specializing in the leasing of aircraft and equipment, have signed agreement of intent: the financing and / or leasing existing or future acquisitions of aircraft Sukhoi SuperJet 100.

In general, the hype around the Superjet was a lot. In any case, the Russian delegation has made this all possible. And the Russian representative at Le Bourget was noticeable. In the first place, by participating in the flying program armored Su-35 and Ka-52. However, the Superjet in the sky over Le Bourget was not raised. His neighbors on the same static display Aibus A380, A400, Boeing 787 Dreamliner, and even Ukrainian An-70 and An-158 did so with surprising regularity. Only Superjet stood motionless as a "monument." So we could only settle for the new aircraft types, "moored" to the terrestrial infrastructure.

p.s. Personally, I have the impression that the whole of the Russian campaign of public relations at the air show was aimed only at making something to report to the leadership of the country on work done, rather than the promotion of the product to the European market. And this market is reciprocated — we're back with another air show has not sold a single plane. Meanwhile, Boeing and Airbus signed at Le Bourget contracts of more than $ 60 billion each. For comparison — the annual turnover of the KLA in today's 6 billion U.S. dollars. That's the sad arithmetic.

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