Syktyvkar gone for new experiences

To the north, Russia go for new experiences, health, knowledge and testing, hunting and fishing trophies. In the Republic of Komi has all the conditions for the development of tourism: the unique historical and cultural monuments, lively festivals and ceremonial traditions, extensive grounds with a variety of landscapes and climatic features.

But the way this neblizok, for large distances in the region, and on the way meets a curious lot. So the best way to travel in the region — on the train.

Is embarking on a journey from the capital of the Komi Republic — CitySyktyvkar, which translated from Komi means "river city Sysola." The original title — Ust-Sysolsk — was replaced in 1936. In Syktyvkar rassolozheny virtually all government agencies, scientific, educational, cultural and medical centers. This is one of the two cities of our country, the airport is located within the city. Despite the status of the capital, the city is comfortable to live in, it is cozy, everything is in walking distance, and many residents know each other and say hello at the meeting. The population is 270,000 people. From the end of May and the first half of June in Syktyvkar reignWhite Nights.

Before you walk around the city offer refreshment. Obligate try Komi shanezhki with potatoes, fish or boiled barley.

Venison in the Komi pupotreblyaetsya vpischu in various forms, including a stroganina.


Traditional salad of boiled potatoes, cabbage and onions.

Gorgeous dessert — cranberries.

We start from the Stephan Square. Nearby are the main administrative building of Syktyvkar, and towards evening the square becomes the main attraction of cyclists, skateboarders, roller.

In the square in front of the area is always crowded.

Department of Ethnography of the National Museum of Komi — the largest and oldest museum of the republic (street Communist, 20). Priceless ethnographic, archaeological, historical, natural science collections in the museum, going to local historians throughout the twentieth century and reflect all significant stages and events of the Komi region.

The museum's collection includes more than 250,000 items.

The museum's collection includes objects of material and spiritual culture of the Komi people, natural science collections, the richest photodocumentary Archive, a collection of objects of everyday life for all people of the region.

The exhibition tells the story of the wedding custom of the Komi people. Wedding at Komi peasants lasted 2-3 weeks.

Wedding in the church — the central link of the Komi wedding.

Komi peoples since ancient times by hunting and fishing.

Looked like this zhilsche Komi hunter.

The park is named after SM Kirov can ride on these retro attarktsionah. All of them are in working condition. The session is from 50 to 100 rubles.

Despite the status of the capital, the city is comfortable to live in, it is cozy, everything is in walking distance of many city residents know each other and say hello at the meeting. The population is 270 thousand people

National Gallery of Komi Republic (Kirov street, 44) — the only one in the Republic of Komi art museum. Founded in 1943. The museum's collection includes about 7,000 works of art XVII — beginning of XXI century

In the sculpture garden next to the National Gallery of Komi can see many interesting works of art.

And even Komi calendar is carved on a boulder.

Holy Stefanovsky Cathedral — the Cathedral of Syktyvkar and Vorkuta diocese of the Russian Orthodox Church (St. Liberty, 60).

The original temple was consecrated in 1896, the year of the 500th anniversary of the death of Stephen of Perm, which started the
Christianization of the ancient Komi (zyryan). Under Soviet rule in 1929, the church was closed and demolished in 1932. Modern building consecrated August 26, 2001. Because of the development of the city has changed the location of the temple, compared with the previous construction.

Fire Tower is located at the intersection of Sovetskaya and Ordzhonikidze was built in 1907. The building currently is 1 Detachment of the Federal Fire Service in the Republic of Komi. Time in your watch-tower, every hour from 8-00 to 22-00 greeted with music.

As a souvenir privizite knitted items — warm and bright.

Photo report on the visit of the ancient village of Komi Republic — Yb seehere

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