The court arrested the head of the department ATIS on suspicion of taking bribes

Cheremushkinskiy Moscow court arrested the head of the Department of Philosophy of the Academy of Labor and Social Affairs Victor Baris, who is accused of receiving a large bribe, told the court.

Thus, it was granted the petition of the investigation.

Last Thursday, the court seized of the second person involved in the case — Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, School of International Policy MSU Michael Basharatyan. According to the SC, on Friday the two detainees were charged.

According to the investigation, in October Basharatyan Baris and demanded a bribe from a young man of 30 thousand euros for graduate school ATIS, suitable training there, writing a master's thesis and its further protection at MSU.

The press service of ATIS agency earlier said they considered the incident nonsense.

ATIS — high school socio-economic profile, and Lomonosov Moscow State University is the oldest and largest classical university of Russia.

The last major corruption scandal in the MSU connected with the name Polina Surina, the daughter of the then Dean of the Faculty of Public Administration Alexey Surin. At the end of April 2010 Surin was arrested on suspicion of taking bribes to 35,000 euros for admission to the paid department faculty. After this scandal, the rector of Moscow State University Viktor Sadovnichiy freed Alexis Surina from the rector and his daughter had been fired.

In the end, the court sentenced the girl to three years' probation for fraud (a consequence of re-qualified to deal with the article "bribe-taking" by "fraud" as it was found that for the reception of applicants for faculty Surin did not answer.)

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