The October Revolution — animal revenge for past

"… Under the cries and gikannem modern humans opyanel Pugacheva. And the brother went to his brother and father offspring. Aslyaplennastsi And people in their own ruin himself became extracted for the enormous sacrifices in the whole river of human blood, dovgazhadanuyu Will.
Boiling vortex pustsilisya our zemlitsy brutalized people. They galloping entire gangs and squeal, and rakes, and killed. Last grain vodka kicked and creative hunger, ruins nibyvalyya in our region.
Dark Knights in sotsyyalistychnyh took feigned rocked popularly animals revenge for the past, and now people itself can not vstrymats. And stakes his brother to drive "real sotsyyalizm" in the head. So deep drives that already skull bend … "
Zmitrok Byadulya "People’s intelligentsia." Newspaper "Free Belarus", 1918, № 5 "

Vyacheslav Rakytskyy: "And in the Minsk studio without barriers we talk with historian Valentin Mazets. Valentin such ruthless, caustic assessment of the Bolshevik revolution (or coup), this Zmitrakom Byadulya after a few months, as was appropriate for the general Belarusian intellectuals, creators?"
Valentin Mazets: "For most this was a common feature. Lyosik stated that anarchy could end only counterrevolution. He called the Bolsheviks" cultural barbarians. "Joseph Voronko stated that the acts of the Bolsheviks — it’s something strange, and to explain their beliefs on the basis of common sense unreal. Anton Lutskevich warn that as a result of the revolution may seem new Napoleon, who will establish his dictatorship. Practically he foresaw the emergence of Stalin. "
Rakytskyy: "Let us agree, we will refer to in the upcoming action in October 1917 — a revolution or a coup? What do you think?"
Mazets: "I believe that it was a revolution, not a coup. Coup is an event that happened in an instant, have forgotten all about her, and then she does not have any consequences. October Revolution is such a phenomenon, which had a very huge implications , accompanied by a long train of principal events not only in the former Russian Federation, and by Worldwide. Sea of blood was shed. Consequences of October 1917 and revoked in the current Days ".
Rakytskyy: "But back to those days that did not yet have consequences. We know how the revolution in Petrograd. Volley rang out," Aurora ", and people ran to take plunder and Winter. And in Belarus How revolution going on here?"
Mazets: "At one o’clock in Minsk council, which accounted for most of the Bolsheviks from the front, comes a telegram that in Petrograd Bolsheviks took power. Urgently Then the Bolsheviks, not even calling representatives of other parties who were part of this council meeting and collected issued an order number 1 that all power in Belarus crosses in their hands. possible to say that the revolution came to Belarus by telegraph. "
Rakytskyy: "It’s for tips. And ordinary people? How minchane learned that there was a revolution?"
Mazets: "Most of the Minsk residents learned about the event from the pillars which the Bolsheviks pasted leaflets with his first orders. Wrote about this same Lyosik. Former prisoners (and criminals, and political) was released from jail. Held rallies, all of them recorded in the 1 — first revolutionary regiment and ordered this regiment to defend the government. "
Rakytskyy: "Naturally, the Bolsheviks gave people the wonderful promises. Either they have fulfilled their How rapidly are ordinary people feel the results of this revolution?"
Mazets "Lud felt the results of the revolution almost a month. So, on its own organizational meeting Belarusians, who served in the 2nd Siberian Artillery Regiment, wrote that the result will certainly be civilians revolution war, and all that the Bolsheviks promised, they are not able to realize in practice. 24 years later after these events Bolshevik Poletaev with experience (he was in the Bolshevik Party in 1908) wrote: "We must admit that all the promises we gave to the people, we are not fulfilled, and the word" Bolshevik "most people have even arouses disgust" .
Rakytskyy: "In This year marks not only the 90th anniversary of the Bolshevik revolution, and the beginning of 70 years of mass executions of people. Why the Bolsheviks had read wonderful slogans and tried to embody them using terror? If they could not shoot, do not torture? "
Mazets "As victory was achieved, Lenin said that no compromise, no agreement with other political forces will not. And when the Bolsheviks had had no significant political support, were in a real political isolation, their was only one way out of the situation, To keep in power — terror. Essentially, from the beginning, they took power, the Bolsheviks began to terror. And to hold on to power, needed constant competition, constant repression. Once the smell of blood, the smell more intoxicating. And later we , in 1930, Stalin defined the motto that the growth of the socialist revolution and the resistance will increase opponents. And therefore there is a need to fight with them and expand the repression. "
Rakytskyy: "Since childhood, I remember the street folklore" Hammer and Sickle — death and hunger "," Where will the Communists, everything disappears from the shelves, like a beast tongue licking. "Experience shows people were right. Why so?
Mazets: "The fact that the Bolsheviks promised impartial conditions on the state in what was then the Russian government, they could not commit. Not that the level of economic development. Moreover, the economic crisis deepened, because everything was destroyed by the war, the latest brawl . the case of Belarus, the Ministry stated food security, Belarus is in the critical strip, which then can begin hunger. In another Russian state capitalism has failed completely, and have already started to build socialism. From the perspective of the same Marxism, the Bolsheviks want to jump through the whole stage in economic development. And if you jump unsuccessfully, and then we can break the legs. It out. "
Rakytskyy: "Thoughts, of course, people can not feed …"
Mazets: "Do not feed him. Happening in society is not what razdvaenne, and rastraenne face. Party favorite read as one more thought, and made the third."
Rakytskyy: "So makarom socialism in Belarus was never built. Because and the measure for Belarus fruits of the revolution and the Bolshevik domination for 70 years?"
Mazets: "For Belarus, the Russian Federation, in contrast to the fetus was twofold. On the one hand, the October Revolution completely Dalaman mechanism imperial Russia. She made impracticable scale restoration in the former Russian empire. It has allowed to let off steam, the energy of the people who went to the initial step in creative channel. Immediately after the revolution unfolded Belarusization broad, general national movement. was proclaimed the national government — the Belarusian People’s Republic. Later, during BPR, which the Bolsheviks were obliged to take, was proclaimed the BSSR. And now, after, as the Soviet Union collapsed, we live in the Republic of Belarus to be independent. It — one side of the coin. Second — that, in form, had a Belarusian statehood, but its content, especially in the 30s, was bloody. Human sacrifices are measured only one dimension: it is — a disaster. And no other positive results of the revolution it is not adbelyats. "
Rakytskyy: "Could not this revolution take place here, in Belarus How could turn around the story, if it was not?"
Mazets: "Specific conditions that were at that time in Belarus indicate that those actions were inevitable. Belarus was almost ripped the front of the First World War. Revolution in Belarus (and even the Knorin agree with this) could take place due to the
fact that there were exhausted by the war fighters of the Western Front, which supported the Bolsheviks. They had hoped that the war was finally completed, and they will get what the dream. "
Rakytskyy: "Who Does not Belarus remained the only country in the world where so-called day of the October Revolution is celebrated as the city prazdnichek. Why?"
Mazets: "It feels like we have not held until the end of the process of rethinking the past. This process general patient post-Soviet space. But in other countries of the former so-called socialist camp still rethinking occurs. This assured and actions of the last days in adjacent Russia. Albeit slowly, but there is power still dissociates itself from the legacy of the Bolsheviks, not taking responsibility for their actions. Russian President Vladimir Putin said that Russian authorities condemns acts, communist terror. In my opinion, and for the Belarusian authorities are very important step would be a statement that she no relationship to what was done in the Byelorussian SSR, and that does not take responsibility for the countless victims of the communist regime. It would be more logical now. "
"We farmers Minsk province Rechitskoye povet Duditskaya parish village Klin, at the general meeting that took place on December 20, 1917 in the amount of 103 people, after hearing the report of Comrade Galaya delegated from farming section Finnish 4th Infantry Division, on the current situation and Decrees land on October 26,
welcome the newest revolutionary power of Soviets of Workers’, Soldiers’ and Peasants’ Deputies, which after a long fight against counterrevolutionary capitalists decided the question of land and offered a fair long-awaited world nations;
always ready to defend Soviet power, believing that ascended high the banner of socialism will not be omitted …
Resolution of the meeting of farmers of the village parish Rechitskoye Duditskaya Klin district of Minsk province to support Russian authorities. December 20, 1917. "

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