U.S. politicians are equally gaze on the situation in Belarus

Politicians perceived GOP Congressman Christopher Smith, whom many consider the main lobbyist democratic Belarus parliament in the United States. Specifically, he — created 2-Acts to support democracy in Belarus.
Anatoly Lebedko notes that this meeting was very Definition:
"We are with him and with other members of Congress discussed the subsequent initiative. 2008 marks the 90th anniversary of the Belarusian People’s Republic. And we wish that congressmen possible huge number, took part in the protest near the Belarusian Embassy. And Smith himself, and his colleagues agreed with this. So, apart from strategic issues, and we discussed certain things.
Open a discussion as the ability to support satellite television "Belsat", dealt with the online resources. "
Second face South American Senate — Democrat Richard poles — comes from Lithuania. And because he perceives the situation in the region close to the heart. After talking with him Sergei Kalyakin noted that Republicans and Democrats have a common approach to the situation in Belarus:

The Belarusian issue in both parties there is a consensus

"By the Belarusian issue in both parties have a consensus. They believe Belarus should move towards democracy. And they are willing to contribute this process . "
Sergei Kalyakin believes that even if in the next year to come to power in the U.S. Democratic Party representatives, their enthusiasm for Belarus will not decrease:
"The Democrats have always been in the international arena more active Republican. Historically. Maybe when the Bush administration is done differently. But no configurations against Belarus will not happen.
They are very aware of all the people that what’s happening in our country. I am the third time in the U.S. and see that knowledge about Belarus here grow in geometric proportions. "

The greatest memory in Belarusian politicians left a meeting with George W. Bush. Anatoly Lebedko notes:
"Bush on the TV screen and live in a relationship — just two different personalities. He informal, so lively, so charging energy.
First we’ve heard from the U.S. President, when they entered (and it was cold enough): Well, that may whiskey?
The first time I beheld a man who would say such humor about any currently not very pleasant situation. He said he went and laughter.

I am the third time in the U.S. and see that knowledge about Belarus here grow in geometric proportions

Bush — not completely vain, alive. A conversation is like a neighbor, who know almost all my life. "
But Sergei Kalyakin reads:
"In life, Bush looks much better than TV. It is very energetic people. And it is very common. Words, it’s hard to pass. "

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