Vote ruble symbol in protest against electoral fraud

Steering Committee of the European Coalition approved list of participants in the Euro Appeal from Vitebsk region and refers to the Presidium of the UDF to support the initiative candidates for deputies.
Euro candidates list from Vitebsk region Alexei Gavrutikov, Igor Kanygin, Galina Kozyrev, Lena Fomin appealed to the citizens of Belarus to conduct a series of actions in civilian disobedience symbol protest rigging elections to the House of Representatives.
First event will be called "Vote ruble" and views on the organizers should look followed properly. Founders of shares offered to the citizens who voted for opposition candidates and-independent, pay for utilities in particular from 21 to 25 of each month. Those who voted for the devotees of power, let them pay from 1 to 10 the number who voted against all — from 11 to 20th. "So makarom, standing in line to pay the rent and utilities, everyone will know that he is standing next to the adherent, and all together we see that the majority of supporters of change "- they say the organizers of the campaign" Vote ruble "

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