Warsaw: Alexander Milinkevich became Knights of freedom

During a ceremony A.Milinkevich received a copy of the officer’s saber from the time of General Pulaski labeled "Knight of Liberty — Dr. Alexander Milinkevich."
Milinkevich thanked fund named Pulaski Academy and for the honor and stressed that Poland, like no other Countries in the world, feeling historical ties with Belarus, helps at the moment Belarusians in the struggle for democracy.

Kazimierz Pulaski, coat of arms "Slepowron" (1746-1779) — an outstanding Polish commander, one of the favorites of the Confederation of Bar (for» unity of the nobility, church leaders and management Rzeczpospolita to fight against the effects of RF on the royal government also to save Gentry Carta), the hero of the war for American independence, the creator of American cavalry.
U.S. Senate in 1929 organized the day the memory of General Pulaski (General Pulaski Memorial Day), which is celebrated on October 11.
Merit the name of Casimir Pulaski "Knight of Freedom" given "outstanding individuals to expand sprychnilisya values that govern General Kazimierz Pulaski — freedom, justice and democracy."
Merit was the winner of the middle of the other, the last prisoner of Auschwitz and later Minister of Foreign Affairs Dr. Poland Wladyslaw Bartoszewski.

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