What place in the context of social entrepreneurs occupy?

The emergence and development of personal business in Belarus is at the beginning of the 1990s. Then there are such a large and well-known private companies as "Pouchet," "Dainova", "Eridan" and many others. Looks oh so social portrait of a businessman late last century, according to the chairman of the Belarusian Union of businessmen, former creator of "Eridani" Potupa:
"There were among them people are very educated, but not necessarily. Were of a "vein biznesmenskoy" were those who did not wait for severe income. There were also various currents. Not only scientists, engineers or teachers. Flows were also shady business coming out of the shadows at the time. Understand, Time was period of storm and head. "
According downcast eyes at the end of the state government of Prime Minister» er Vyacheslav Kebich appeared several government regulations that give additional abilities development and protection of the rights of businessmen.
But since February 1996 has brand new authorities to take steps turnaround times. Then came an order prohibiting the registration and licensing, and soon began a complete re-registration of business. As a result, many large companies have closed, and the number of business halved. On their current spatkaemtsav says Managing Minsk Union of businessmen and Vladimir Karyagin tenants who once started a small business in the country:
"Moree effects have network structure and multinational companies, network business. Or in trade or industry, the industry. Because, of course, formed a completely different kind of modern businessman. Now need more education, more complex, more expensive to open their own business. And we need to liaise and cooperate well with others. And we must, of course, consider each step. Just like that, on their own or representation, you can not build a business now. "
According Karyagin, in Europe private sector has significant legal and financial support from the countries. And Belarus is not made even a simple — not adopted modern law on the development of entrepreneurship. Incidentally, a similar document was approved in Russia.
The current situation in Belarus personal business should be reflected in the formation of the current business, says Alexander Patupa:
"Entrepreneurs are a part of our society. Because they are all positive and all negative characteristics of our society. They are very hard to unite in defense their rights and interests. And this is one of the most difficult current problems. It is much easier to adapt to these conditions than confront them. After all, it Requests for collective action and collective support. And this is the problem of our society as a whole. But, I think, will be held some time, we we have best success on this path. "
Entrepreneurs: "the abolition of privileges. Leave work!" 19.11.2007

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