Why visit mammologa?

Mammolog - second

Survey Skills Training

Diagnosis of mastitis — it mammologists, as distinguished from other diseases of the mammary gland, and sometimes from cancer, only by a specialist.

If you have already established the diagnosis of mastitis, to select the correct treatment strategy is necessary to determine the specific form of the disease, as well as regularly monitor possible changes in the mammary gland. But even if your chest in perfect condition, regular survey atphysician mammologa should be familiar to women older than 25 years. Visit physician mammologa recommended at least once a year.

In between visits to the doctor to examine themselves.

Raise your arm bent at the elbow, and second hand gropes chest, conditionally divided it into four parts. Carefully inspect each quarter. What we are looking for? Seals, skin changes — too smooth, or, on the contrary, wrinkled patches. If you find some transformation, or under your fingers rolls something like a ball, and when you emerge pain — immediately go to the doctor. But scared ahead of time is not necessary — malignant tumors do not cause pain and discomfort means — a good sign.

Trust the experts

However, although the breast self-examination should be carried out regularly, I would like to warn women and girls, both from self and from the "newfangled" methods.

In the first case, you expose yourself to serious danger — in fact the correct treatment can be prescribed only doctor, having on hand the results of the most thorough and complete examination.

Classical diagnostic mammography gives one hundred percent, but the young women (up to35-40 years) often enough ultrasound — modern ultrasound machines have a high enough resolution. But after forty years of breast tissue changes and for accurate diagnosis has become necessary mammography, ie X-ray.

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