Women’s beauty and Women’s Health

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What makes a woman dissatisfied with their reflection in the mirror? Of course, there is a beauty salon. But it turns out, first of all, she needs to go to the gynecologist. On the relationship between women's beauty and "women's health" says Natalia Lantratova, dermatologist physiotherapist and the Israel Center of hardware cosmetology "Bathsheba."

— Are all the female body is so interconnected?

— Sure. The clarity of the oval face and clean skin (no inflammatory lesions in it) depends on gynecological health. A simple example noted that if the patient has problems on "the female," she pimples appear in the so-called "triangle of nosogubnom." Sick left ovary — a rash on the left, right — right, problems with the uterus — in the middle.

If I see that the patient is only 30 years old, and she had already "drooping" cheeks, and she looks much older than his age, it is obvious that her skin lacks collagen and elastin. And this is usually directly related to endocrine disorders. Indeed, after the diagnosis of her usually detected imbalance hormones (polycystic ovary syndrome, etc.).

— But how to combine consultation gynecologist and a beautician?

— In our Center of hardware cosmetology a special study of women's health (gynecologist consultation, by the way, we free) to before to tidy appearance, able to fully examine the patient and, if necessary, prescribe treatment.

What kind of beauty can be discussed if a woman is sick?

— So, the beauty will have to wait until the cure "women's disease"?

— Any pathology, if correctly diagnosed, treated for month or two. And work is a gynecologist and beauticians together. If there are no clear contraindications for the any physiotherapy, then we immediately start cosmetology course. Therefore, for the treatment of patients stage invisible.

— Is it possible to combine treatments and cosmetic procedures?

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Thalassotherapy >>>

Despite what. Thus, with cystic formations can rejuvenate the face, neck and decollete line, but not desirable to pursue a course of general massage and oxygen therapy to appoint, which combines the effect of a sauna and an oxygen chamber. These procedures are aimed at improving the microcirculation, which may "wake up" dormant, stagnant processes.

If we do thalassotherapy and, specifically, wraps Seaweed, be sure to look to the woman does not have any inflammation in the ovaries or, God forbid, fibroids, as it thermal effect.

It is important to make sure that there are no contraindications for the procedure. After all cosmetology at our center — hardware, and it is, in fact, physiotherapy.

— And what else there are contraindications for cosmetic procedures?

— Many patients with thyroid dysfunction is prohibited seaweed wraps because they contain the active iodine. But this does not mean that they can not make a deep bikini hair removal.

If you suspect a disease, be sure to do the analysis on the clotting of the blood and to see if we can seal the vascular net and clean up some vascular pathology.

There are a lot of nuances. If a client comes to us in age, then to a preliminary survey we approach carefully. If you suspect a hormonal disorders are sending to an endocrinologist. Before the procedure, facial rejuvenation necessarily diagnose thyroid look like it supplied with blood. If a woman came to the underarm hair removal and hair removal in the bikini area, we immediately look lymph nodes and groin.

— What kind of anti-aging treatments do in your center?

— Our know-how, Elos technology to rejuvenate, we brought here and patented. The energy mix of light energy and currents of high frequency (HF) deep cleanses the skin and at the same time as if "pulls its surface." With such a procedure may rejuvenation even heavily tanned skin. Such procedures are done once a month, once a 21-day course in 6 sessions.

— And how you can improve their "women's health", that it was "obvious"?

— "Intimate soul" like "Colpe-Cleaner"Help to cope with dysbiosis. This is the number of bacteria that are introduced into the vagina. They struggle with hidden infections and help to set up a woman's body to self-improvement. The advantage of "intimate showers" that you can use them at home and keep in the right form and outside the center.

We also offer health-restoring droppers: using, e.g., intravenous ozonized sodium chloride could be detected hidden genital infections are not identified analyzes. The same herpes can be translated into remission, if you do 10-12 such droppers. In addition, we offer oxygen and vitamin drinks — both as part of droppers, and in the form of fresh juices.

After the procedure, you can relax in our salt cave, which is made of layers of sylvite, salts, in which more 27- trace elements — they are released into the bloodstream through the skin pores. Specialists proved that 10-12 sessions in the cave replaces two-week course of this holiday by the sea.

To resort to hormone replacement therapy?

We try to do without it. We have courses herbal medicine, homeopathy. Experience shows that many women do not like to drink hormones and antibiotics. We with our gynecologist spent lots of time on the search for neutral drugs. Another taboo for our center — Placental anti-aging serum.

— And you do Botox?

— Of course. Now it is very popular with botulinum toxin injections. Butsomewhere 3% of the drug is not absorbed and relaxation of muscles occurs. Our belief that part of the reason lies in the lack of calcium in the body. Therefore, we will first diagnose the patient and, if so, to prescribe the drug Botox install this trace element that the patient is drinking two weeks before the injection and two weeks after.

Speaking of beauty, one can not forget so popular now nails: gel or acrylic is set, the patient feels great … But after three days of artificial nails fall off. Turns out, the nails of patients who have gynecological problems — whether a cyst or fibroids — not "stand". Such problems and helps to identify timely diagnosis.

— What do your patients receive as a result of improvement in the center of "Bathsheba"?

— Our goal — as early as possible to identify age-related changes, in time to warn them or do to prevent their further development.

If before we were just a beauty salon to provide cosmetic services, now we are trying to do everything to become a real medical center, which is well-suited to the question of age anti-aging therapy. Now we can not only rejuvenate the face, neck, décolleté line, adjust the figure, but also restore the health of a woman's body from the inside.

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