Wreath Memory: Joseph Sazhich

Sazhich Joseph was born September 5, 1917 at Novogrudok. He graduated from high school and Novogrudskaya Polish padafitserskuyu school.
During the German occupation of the Belarusian defense departments created. Regional officer Belarusian Defense and other Belarusian Independence Party. Captured.
After the war was in Germany, received a medical degree. Later he moved to the United States, lived in Detroit. In exile — an active participant in the national liberation movement. In 1982 —1997x Sazhich Joseph was chairman of BNR.
MD Vladimir Nagabez friends with Joseph Sazhich with youth. Was sitting with him at the same desk in the first Belarusian gymnasium in Navagrudak, after closing — in the Polish school, they graduated together in 1938. Later friends were taken to the Polish army, was sent to military school.
Recalls Vladimir Nagabez:
"During the war he was taken prisoner, and I do too. We lost. After the war, we met in the German Marburg, where studied medicine together. Later departed.
Met in the late 1950s in America. He was in Detroit, I lived in New York. Met at the celebrations at public congresses Belarusians …
Yesterday I againused to say to him. He already felt unwell. Said: "Brother, hard … read Endless memory of him!"
Sazhich knows about vice-chairman BNR, historian, Dr. Janka Zaprudnik:
"From a medical Sazhich I first met just about Lyuvenskim studied at the institute in Belgium in the spring of 1953. He then was very active in the Belarusian religious and public life.
Then set up on the anniversary of the proclamation of the independence of the Belarusian People’s Republic of, March 25 broadcast, I participated in this broadcast.
He, together with his own medical practice devoted a lot of time in the life of the Belarusian society United States. He was a very sincere, conventional manners, very patriotic set. In the same spirit, and brought their own kids. He worked very faithfully Belarusian field all his years in the United States. "
Joseph Sazhich in 1993 came to Belarus was in their own country. Linguist and translator Dmitry Sauko wrote a book about the Belarusian-American Association — "Belarusian civilization." The book is not yet published. There is a separate section about Joseph and Sazhich.
"Joseph Sazhich recognizable to us as past chairman of the BNR. But he was very active in the Belarusian-American Association, a number of other public organizations Belarusian expatriates in Michigan ", — says Dmitry Sauko.
Joseph buried Sazhich Belarusian cemetery in New Jersey, next to his wife.

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