Wreath Memory: Konstantin Myarlyak

Constantine was born in Novogrudok Myarlyak village detamlyam December 25, 1919. After high school professionals for agriculture, was an accountant in cooperatives Navagrudak.
After the accession of Western Belarus to the USSR worked Korelichi office of the State Bank. There he found the war, during which he was a quartermaster in the Belarusian administration in Novogrudok.
Since the summer of 1944 — in exile, first in Italy and then in Argentina.
Says researcher Belarusian emigration historian Oleg Gordienko
"Myarlyak Constantine is one of the central figures in the Belarusian emigration. In Argentina he arrived from Italy in 1947 and made it" Argentine Association of Belarusians ".
Earlier, there were sixteen Belarusian organizations, but they were all under the influence of Russian embassy. Constantine did Myarlyak independent anticommunist Belarusian company. "
In the midst of the 1950 Sovereign Myarlyak moved to the U.S., where once intensely involved in the life of the Belarusian community. Says the director of the Belarusian Institute of Science and Art in New York Vytautas seethed:
"Just while going quest to acquire Belarusian center, and the emperor Myarlyak very prylazhyvsya to, to buy a church in Brooklyn, pyatsidesyatsigodde which we recently celebrated.
We are with him a couple of times were in Washington in the program of the enslaved peoples. And always, where need was Belarusian political presentation, with Konstantin Merlyakom very often had to act.
It was very enterprising people, and its contribution to the public life of Belarusians in America, of course, was significant. "
After obtaining independence Belarus Konstantin Myarlyak visited his homeland and many hit nepasrednastsyu own.
The then chairman of the Foreign Commission Belarusian Popular Front Valentine Trigubovich was coupled with him at his urgent request for a meeting with the head of the KGB Edward Shirkovskogo. She is responsible for:
"Questions he had some — as currently placed is independent Belarus to those immigrants who had in 1944 to leave their homeland? And the answers were that immigrants have nothing more to fear, that all who did not bloody crimes, are free to visit their homeland at any time of.
And here we go with him on the porch of the KGB, and he suddenly so surprised I asked: "And where journalists? I was adopted Chairman of the KGB — I have to tell reporters. "And this time I remember to date" — told Valentine Trigubovich.
Farewell to Constantine Merlyakom be held in New York in the Belarusian Church named Cyril of Turov on Richmond Hillel.
He survived by a wife Anna and sons Julian, Daniel and Vincent.

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