Ales Makaeu hunger strike for 15 days

1st of the favorites of entrepreneurs’ movement Alyaksandr Makayeu released early, at 8 o’clock in the morning. Although the protocol had release at 11.30. Macau All 15 days of arrest shall be removed from food.
"And my requirement of this hunger strike were — Fri cancellation 1.1. Presidential Decree number 760. Second — to finish the police and the judicial arbitrariness and lawlessness. Third — do better living conditions in Akrestsin. "
How did the hunger strike in jail in Akrestsin?
"The doctor called, and I have a hunger strike, there stuffiness, headache, well, I had pills asinkaptona, gave permission to do so. Well, the doctor says: no complaints, healthy. Tips there, releasing gases from mineral … Incidentally, Taustyka and Parsukevich seem to be in the 17 th chamber and also went on hunger strike. Several people went on hunger strike. I do not know. They cover these lists when given for food sign. Then it is written: "Failure".
Coupled with Ales Makaeva were others arrested for his role in a meeting of businessmen — Karen Akopov Dmitriy Fedoruk and Vital Stazharau. They spent a day of solidarity where all inmates refused food. Makaeu that the guys kept cheerfully.
"Even someone shouting my name. And" Long live Belarus! ". We sang" God Almighty "day in the chamber. This is not allowed. All the same sang. And in the chamber where Anatoly Shumchanka was sitting there in general choir. There Shilo sings magically, they’re different Belarusian singing songs. "
Ales Makaeu said that conditions in the bullpen in Akrestsin very bad.
"I announced a hunger strike. Though have allowed me to give an additional coat all the same It was cold. Do not make beds, no daylight, radio. Conditions of detention there much worse than Volodarskogo. And so did exercises, helps immensely. "
Ales Makaeva arrested January 12 after, as he was called to discover Minsk police deputy governor Alexander Naydenko. After the non-long conversation, he was taken to the police department of the Metropolitan district of Minsk, and then to the court. His zvinavaitsili he Tipo street Myasnikov, 38 abused and Menaka directed attention comments on the police. Makaeu would send a protest to the prosecutor with respect to its own past arrests for 7 and 15 days.
House Ales Makaeu began to come out of the hunger strike. He says that businesses should prepare for new shares:
"I think that they do not suspend the bullpen fight."
Tomorrow bullpen out of entrepreneurs’ movement activist Sergei Parsyukevich from Vitebsk. He was sentenced to 15 days for his role in action on 10 January.
In the bullpen is more than 2-a-half 10 Male prisoners arrested preventively and for his role in action on January 21. Student Tatiana Tsishkevich serving 20 days in jail for his role in the promotion business on January 10.

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