B.Lutsenka: I wish to do with their creativity

Lutsenko: "I have long been going. Willing to take their creativity. What is artistic manager? Most weight is different in including and small businesses. You must make a repertoire of 5 years to find a play to invite the director. I know how to do it. But it distracts me from the brain — from the productions of the plays ".

I have long been going

Not so long ago, Boris Lutsenko was 70 years old. He believes it must give way to the young.
Lutsenko: "I decided to go into regular directors, may be, to bless some young director, the same fierce and difficult, as I was first own way. And I wish to do his beloved" Theatre under the domes, "which promises to give me direction full freedom" — says Boris Lutsenko.
I asked the emperor Lutsenko, whom he wished to create the post of artistic director of the theater?
Lutsenko: "To Nicholas Pinigin agreed, I would be happy. But unlikely. But we will find. Even if certain period will not be artistic control … I’m staying in place, and the director himself would be able to spend without artistic manager for six months or a year. And for this time, I think someone there. "
Help Radio Liberty: Boris Lutsenko was born September 16, 1937 in Russian Maikop. Belarus finished Arts and Theatre Institute. He worked as director of the Belarusian Yanka Kupala Theatre, Studio Theatre actor. Artistic control of the State Academic Russian Drama Theater named after bitter. People’s Artist of Belarus. Honored Art Worker of Belarus.

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