Beginning of the year: an increase in energy prices

Almost 20% increased the price of natural gas; increased by 14% duty on crude oil. According to experts, these economic conditions will require the country to find new sources of funding.
From 100 to 119 dollars for a thousand cubic meters from January 1, increased the cost of Russian natural gas for Belarus. It is possible that in the near future and this value will change as the Belarusian-Russian agreement defines the said amount only for the first quarter of 2008. In accordance with the document until the gas price for Belarus will be 67% of the price for European consumers, but in 2009 it will reach 80% in 2010 — 90%, and in 2011 — all 100%. It is worth recalling that in 2006 gas price for Belarus was 46.68 bucks for a thousand cubic meters.
Belarus will be required to pay all

Economist Stanislav Husak does not consider the situation in the field of energy crisis. He is convinced that the situation in Belarus significantly more profitable than in Western European countries and in the neighbor:
"For the Belarusian economy is not deadly. We have the same level of the economy, which, for example, in Ukraine. Technologies of Ukraine is not very different from the technologies that exist in Belarus, they are similar in a number of branches of the industry. So here, Ukraine announced if tyscha cubic meters of gas worth 180 bucks, it is normal for the industry. But if more, it is becoming unprofitable, will not return. especially for those plants where the gas is not as fuel, as a raw material for certain products . And I think that in the end, we also come to the Ukrainian prices. Indeed, it does not happen, that one state at one given value, the other — on a fundamentally overpriced. "
Special in energy conservation, Ph.D. Ales Storozheva convinced one way or another increase in prices for imported energy adrezanue on all the inhabitants of Belarus, who will have to pay more for utilities. Accordingly, the rise in price products, food, etc. In this regard, the scientist believes that the Belarusian authorities should seek to get rid of the Russian monopoly:
"We need to be realistic: I think that, of course, all of this will affect us yet, at the same time on every Belarusian family. Such period experienced in time Baltic countries, the same difficulties experienced Transcaucasian countries. Inescapable: this day we depend on "Gazprom", all from the Russian Federation in many respects. And I am convinced that it is necessary to do everything possible to reduce this dependence. Indeed, this dependence — a threat to our state independence. "
Can I get rid of Russian dependence?

Meanwhile, other sources of energy until either give insignificant amounts, or even remain at the level of the declared goals. Our homeland meanwhile announced a brand new increase in duties on crude oil supplied to Belarus. So, by the end of last year the rate for oil imported to Belarus, was little more than 80 dollars per ton. From 1 January 2008 it had grown to 92.26 bucks, or 14%.
Economist Tatiana Manyanok believes that such criteria should expect another increase in commodity prices, which implements concern "Belneftekhim". First, it concerns the price of fuel, which, by the way, last year podymali each quarter:
"Of course, the spice" Belneftekhim "I would like to raise prices more often and probably more, because it asks the economy Belarusian refineries. Fact that they are now working on the domestic market, with the loss of somewhere around 100 bucks average per ton of oil. And minor increase fundamentally do not solve the situation, because there is a problem not only in the domestic market: the outer market concern soon also suffers huge loss. And increased municipal subsidies, compensation for 90% of spetsposhliny oil coming Belarus also fundamentally does not solve the situation. "
On conviction economist Leonid Zaika, 2008 Our homeland absolutely "drop" on the financial Belarus’ drug needle. " According to the views of the professional, the Russians are interested to give Belarus a loan (as in the case nedavneshnim loan of 1.5 billion dollars) in order to qualify for later strategic Belarusian enterprises.

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