Belarus-Russia: a common platform 2-ideologies

In talks with Alexander Lukashenko and his Belarusian officer Sergei Martynov Foreign Minister of the Russian Federation promised subsequent political and economic support strategic friend. Belarusian leaders expressed willingness to fundamentally kaardynavannya policy of Belarus with Russia.
On the days are created in Russia Institute of Democracy and Cooperation. One of its main objectives — the promotion of a positive kind of the Russian Federation abroad. In addition, the Institute will critically assess the state of democracy in the United States and Western Europe, to inform international public gaze RF control over political processes.
Are independent experts in this regard emphasize similarities not only courses, which seduces the country’s democracy, but more similar platforms on which the ideology involved on general awareness of "foreign Belarusians and Russians principles of western species."
Promote positive images through the pocket universities

Information-Analytical Center of the Presidential Administration, headed by Oleg Proleskovsky prepares manual "Ideology of the Belarusian country in questions and answers." A Ministry of Education together with the Academy of Management under the President should study foreign experience of information and technology and create political advice on their adaptation in Belarus.
The aforementioned information-analytical center considered early talk about the nature of the case, because, as she said one of the employees, all passes through the top management institutions:
"You know, I do not know. Unfortunately, through me dakumentaabarot not go, I have other functions. To be honest, I am afraid to take any initiative itself, if it is not a question of my competence."
Now the Belarusian schools schedule lessons middle classes can be found subject "political information". In high school, studying "The base of the Belarusian statehood." In higher education, students have to take credit for "Fundamentals of Belarusian ideology."
In all municipal institutions and enterprises few years ago introduced the post deputy on ideology.
According programmke Postgraduate Education Academy of Management under the President, you can get additional specialty related to the work in the ideological sphere.
Who will be at the head of the ideological vanguard?

Deducted for social activity of the Academy of Management Yuri Oleynik recalls the textbook "The ideology of the Belarusian statehood":

Harsh ideological frames that essentially believe in this psevdaidealegiyu Belarusian statehood, I do not beheld.

"That’s what she and the Academy of Management under the President, that there is conduct befitting job. And specifically came out such harsh textbook as" Ideology of the Belarusian statehood. " Institute because some naturally want to implement ideological plans, said the existence of the center — that "idealyagizavats." Specifically, in the Academy of Management it can be. That’s just out of it? Even not undertake to conjecture. After harsh ideological frames that essentially believe in this psevdaidealegiyu Belarusian statehood, I do not beheld. This is in the same vein, "beerseemu" whose meaning only one thing: go there, I know perfectly well to get a freebie opportunity to do business. Confused by this, of course, will be very little. "
Past Vice-Rector of the Belarusian Institute of municipal Anatoly Pavlov draws attention to the fact that ideologues in Belarus do not cook, and take up the post of the former party or Komsomol propagandists who work for ordinary Russian Template
"Generally, in globally ideology — a severe science. Of course, it is close to such sciences as philosophy and probably of the series should be a spice. First when the current government tried to talk about the ideology Myasnikovich with Zametalin. They are long on ideology states but has not decided what it should be. For example, I know the ideology of National Socialism, Bolshevism, anarchism. Specialists call anymore. And what we have — no one has ever said. And now we can say that those students who have taken any benefits (in the world they have the students)? What can you say high school students when the rules change every year to the universities, and at the moment in general invented that someone will sit in the district administration and decide — you can go to learn this law, journalism, and this — not. And based on what criteria? "
"Putin looks in the mirror and sees there — the" father "
January 29 during a meeting between Alexander Lukashenko and Foreign Affairs Minister Sergei Lavrov Belarusian leader stressed that ready to kaardynavannya foreign policy with Russia. And our homeland words Lavrov said "counterproductive" sample of Western states to put pressure on Belarus.
Experts note: Our homeland Belarus and get more similarities in ideology. Last year in Munich Vladimir Putin said virtually the subsequent: European awareness of democracy is not ideal, but the country who love to teach democracy, do not differ addiction to it. Alexander Lukashenko such statements many times.
Russian public figure, politician and playwright Viktor Shenderovich, which more than once brought to administrative responsibility for his role in the events of the Russian democratic opposition, does not hide his own pessimism regarding how Shenderovich said, "baked Kremlin" Institute of Democracy and Cooperation. In particular, it amuses that the structure will "build ratings of human rights in the West." Satirist Anatolia quoted the head of the fund Kucharenu: "Who can not be a monopoly on the country’s production standards in the field of human rights, even if the country develops economically excellent":
"There is no need to find premises and precedents. Closest and simple Russian people’s memoirs — the struggle for the freedom of Angela Davis, Leonardo Peltsiera and other ideological bullshit Russian times. And when we poked our countless political prisoners in the gulag of the nose, the lack of freedom, we answer: but you Negroes linchuyuts. That’s all it is actually saying. Nothing new Kucharena not invented. And the fact that 700 thousand euros, as I realized from the Kremlin unguarded will be shaken out of the business to protect the rights of people in the West, half raspiluyuts and half on another izderzhut Angela Davis. This gadalschitsy not even walk. "
Reporter: "Belarus is somehow considered in this ideological program there? Either it focuses only on the West?"
"Alexander G. at the moment we close the class, because we will be friends with Lukashenko, beat together with him against contagion orange and wretched West. In this sense, Putin and his entire administration, which is in the heaviest schizophrenia wish to be similar to and Berluskoni comes in eight huge, but for all that, when looking in the mirror, then behold the person already there "ancestors." Naturally, it’s a heavy toll on the psyche. "

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