Belarusian breakthroughs in third world

Tsigankov: "The last couple of years the Belarusian management boosts sample closely do business with countries that do not belong to the main trade partners of Belarus — the Russian Federation and the European Union. What caused the desire to make strategic links with countries such as China, Iran, Venesuela, United Arab Emirates? What is there more — political motives or economic necessity? "
Sadowski: "Here we see there and then and then. I betrothed you to stay regions in several categories. 1st — China, the second — the Arab world and the third — Latin America. As for China, then there is danger, it seems No — as a trading partner, China is quite stable, then — why not?

If you take the political nuance, of course, this cooperation with the "minus" sign. China Makrapospehi admired our little people who do not know much that 42 percent of the Chinese population live on 2 dollars a day.
As for the Arab world, the region is very risky because of the war can be expected, but there it is possible to conclude any special temporary agreements and win something. As for Latin America, it is a very scary area, and if read about Venezuela, it is a very specific country. "
Tsigankov: "What are the risks and ryzykovnasts?"
Sadowski: "How gishpanist Education I read Venezuelan publication, well, the German press and writes about many things. Chavez wants to lead all global anti-American coalition, while in Latin America to build socialism. Motto servicemen" unblemished army "officers who ride in SUVs with tinted glass — "socialism, Fatherland or death." So they greet each other.
Call one number, which is understandable to our people. Over the past 23 years, Chavez did zabugornye trip and presented (specifically presented, and not invested) 23 billion dollars. Uruguay, Argentyne, Dominican Republic, etc.. Write off municipal debt, build ports. Even the poor of London gave 67 million, the slums of New York gifts.
But even this oil-rich country can not afford for themselves. This is a very adventurous policy, it is worse than the Soviet Union was preparing once revolution worldwide. "
Tsigankov: "The main motive of the official Belarusian" breakthrough "in Third World countries — is to look for new markets, to increment the export of Belarusian products in those regions where they previously did not know. The West, they take less, in Russia with a scratch — so let them take in other regions . Either it is the main cause of political or still prevail? "
Silitski: "If you look at the Belarusian trip manager will notice a huge difference between those which travels

Lukashenko does not travel wherever traveling Belarusian products

Lukashenko and the Belarusian products to travel. Our trade — is the main Europe and our homeland, and Belarusian President travels the third world.
It is not only trade, this sample to find investments that do not fall under the ideological constraints of the West or power restrictions imposed by Russia. Here more than geographical distance, the better.
Second. After the Belarusian-Russian gas conflict 2006-07, this case is very activated. Began the "strengthening" of the Venezuelan vector, Chinese, Arabic — a visit to the UAE was a milestone this year. What are the likely options? In 1-x, it is not crystal clear verbovanie capital, the origin of which we can not know, and that there may be given guarantees. In-2, this accommodation IPO-stock companies on our global nezahodnih exchanges. On foreign exchanges is unrealistic, because there need to open all the statements to make the company one hundred percent transparent — and on the Dubai stock exchanges no such requirements. Third — it sensytyvny export of which we can know a little much. This first instrument. "
Tsigankov: "So Makar, most of the motives that push Belarus on the markets of third countries — optimal, neidealyagichnyya?"
Silitski: "Totally neidealyagichnyya as the Belarusian regime neidealyagichny. If there is the ability to work in, say, Austria, they work great in Austria, as indicated by" Raiffeisenbank "and for" Wellcome. "In one of nedavneshnih examination I read that about Chavez Belarus just lucky because very ideological partner. Was there "oil-for-kissing" with Russia, and there will probably be "televisions with kisses in exchange for petrodollars." Naturally, Chavez is very impractical for themselves in relation to their own people — wasting huge amounts of money, the sovereign right Sadowski said. And why do not we use it? We do not use — take advantage of others. Here Belarusian regime leads for yourself

We do not use Chavez — to use another

very correct. "
Tsigankov: "All of these words multipolar world of anti-globalism, from time to time heard from the mouth of the Belarusian managers — they serious? Either it’s only rhetoric favorites for those states that are ready to be bought this rhetoric?"
Sadowski: "Of course, they are for such favorites as Chavez, and for their own people, and for Russia. Supporting that said Vitaly Silitski, I should like to make a tiny clarification about the" moral Europe. "I know perfectly Germany. Now their brand new formula — "rapprochement through plexus", which came to replace what has been since the days of Egon Bahr — convergence through some ideological configuration partner. Because the purity of the genre — it is in Europe and will never be maintained. "
Silitski: "Indeed, when the topic pops up Belarus’ trade with the Third World, the float such statements as" rogue states "," international terrorism "," Lukashenko does the danger. "And in fact, in such scheme that talk about the European countries that are trade with Libya or Iran. Either the U.S. — purchase oil from Venezuela? They also — a rogue regime?
By the way, it seems to me that the Belarusian authorities behave quite carefully, without getting, at least, with Iran, rather kantraversiynyya case "
Tsigankov: "Let then the strength of these international contacts check follow-up question. How do these relationships active and" breakthroughs "specifically related to today’s leaders? Which of them will not be as intense after the regime change, and having a strategic direction?"
Sadowski: "It is clear that where there is some ideological basis when Chavez gives us some preference for a" hug "and support his course — it loosely. Venezuelan society is divided in half and all can share. Unless things build on the strong foundations of trade , it can be broken.
Because I read that China should not expect any cataclysms — unless if we are "razmyakchymsya" and let the Chinese, for example, in our land business. Where "no policy" — there strong. After all, is up for grabs politically only temporarily, but not asestsi thoroughly. "
Tsigankov: "Can the West either Our homeland to express some dissatisfaction or jealousy Belarusian" breakthroughs "in

Politically, you can catch only temporarily, but not thoroughly asestsi

3rd world? "
Sadowski: "No, I do not think so. Jealousy happens with feeble. European Union, Our homeland unless somewhere smile, and perhaps utter -" Look, as rightly makes Minsk "
Silitski: "It is not completely clear is the degree of transparency of these treaties, it is difficult to say something. Emirates If there is something to be built or how to invest at the moment the Iranians — it’s hard enough, these buildings are not demolished
by bulldozers.
Integration at the level of ideology — it is very weak. She can be strong only in the case of a strong ideology. Authoritarianism — is not strong ideology or her at all. With regard to economic integration, it is more stable. Because it seems to me that certain contacts, if they are not ideologically, will last in any mode "

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