Citations past Mir. The war is over …

"Orsha bulletin", year 1918. The newspaper publishes radyetelegramu of Bids: "Declare for general information only copy of a telegram Comrade. Krilenko received January 29, 1918 at 8:00. Morning. Mir. War is over. Our homeland is no longer waging war … End klyatyh massacre. Army honorably carried three and a half years of torment, waited deserved rest. demobilization of the army declared it. ask fellow soldier quietly wait for their own purpose of sending timing. "
"Fatherland" on this week 1958 endeared radio skit "Liberation" on a visit to Minsk Nikita Khrushchev: "32 new heroes and 4970 already received medals of Belarus from Khrushchev, this is for you, the citizens, not the blackbirds in makunishchy! However, Belarusian tractors, self-propelled guns, flax, hemp, lard and other good go through Moscow in Egipet, Syria, China and other distant countries, but Khrushchev himself brought from Moscow to Minsk cars diplomas and medals. Means razrahunak spotless … "
* "Free announcements" in 1998, wrote: "supporting the decision once the 1st of the leading Russian businessmen (the home of different-enterprise" Pouchet "provided employment to more than 5 thousand people), Mental layer of the Republic addressed a statement in the address management adjoining countries, which states that: if Alexander Pupeyko will be issued Belarusian authorities, all procedures in his case gain political farce temper … Recall that in the version of Belarusian prosecutors Alexander Pupeyko playing great plunderers of banking and therefore public property. "
Prepared by Dmitry Podberezskaya

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