Depression — not decline mood and severe disease

Belarusian psychiatry they say: the country has witnessed the growth of psychological disorders: the last 3 years on the incidence of psychological disorders has increased by 22%. Chief Psychiatrist, Ministry of Health Markets Paul says:
"The world we have at the moment is, a society in which the mass of problems. Depression and appear with a subject, and without it, for various reasons: a man lost a job, buried a loved one, people razve … And for these reasons, even if not 100%, but in almost all appear depression. "

The man is panylasts, in-2, apathy, in-3, a man in a state of depression disability in spyachtsy, like moving away from life

Man in a state of depression disabled
Depression — a severe disease that appears as a result of violations of the chemical balance of the brain galyavnoga. It’s not just fall mood, says psychologist Jeanne Miscavige:
"First, it is a psychological state of the person, which is expressed in an inadequate perception of life completely. A person is panylasts, in-2, apathy, in-3, a person is unable to work in a state of depression as in spyachtsy, like moving away from life" .
Practicing psychiatrist Igor Sorokin believes:
"For all that, there are other disorders, 80 percent of patients are admitted with a diagnosis of depression. There are more profound, are not so profound violation. How psyhagennyya reasons play a major role, as other mechanisms have not quite understood — hard to say. But This phenomenon is quite severe and global. "
"Belarusians word" psychiatry "is a nightmare"

If the West even considered prestigious have theirOn psyhaanalityka, psychological, psychiatric, then we have the word "psychiatry" is sacred nightmare

And psychiatrists, and psychologists say that to them for the last 5 years has become a treat twice as many patients. But in the main the majority of Belarusians do not even understand the seriousness of mental disorders. Chief Psychiatrist, Ministry of Health Markets, Paul believes that the difference is not in the most depressed, not in the structure of contention, and specifically in the mindset of the population:
"If the West is considered prestigious even have their own psyhaanalityka, psychological, psychiatric, then we have the word" psychiatry "is sacred nightmare. This is a consequence of the 70-year policy of the Party and the government, when the sculpture, all dissenters recognized at the mental level unhealthy. This crush need. But this is not the 1st a day or work, it’s a long song. "
"Depression among Belarusians more profound and aggressive"
Once a year, from psychological disorders in Belarus kill nearly 3 thousand people, the highest in the country quite figure suicide. Yes so to speak, Special features of depression among Belarusians? Psychiatrist Igor Sorokin convinced
"Surely, though there are differences, because a large percentage of alcohol abuse. Because of this depression of the Belarusians and deeper, and more than aggressive. Many suicide attempts and completed suicides. In this sense, we can not say that Belarusians are fairly tolerant . "

Psychiatrist still lacks

The doctor presently armed with a pretty decent arsenal of pharmaceuticals. The main thing — true fit to use them

Currently working in Belarus 237 psychiatric surgeries for adults and 73 — for the kids. At the same time the number of beds in a psychiatric clinic in 2007 was reduced to 1108 seats. Professionals while also lacking. In the past year of health psychology department of the Grodno Medical University 29 young psychiatry was distributed to rural areas. In this will be focused more specifically 65 graduates in the province. And where there is a psychiatrist at the reception, it is easier and therapists, other doctors, because all interconnected in the body, says Paul Markets. With regard to pharmaceutical preparations, then …
"Previously read:" Say, there, in the West … "At the moment I am to you I can tell with absolute certainty that there that there — drugs we have all. However, drugs are imported from other countries, but the Ministry of Health dogs new drugs include them in the diagnosis and treatment protocols. The doctor presently armed with a pretty decent arsenal of pharmaceuticals. The main thing — true fit to use them. "
Specialists they say that if a person feels the first signs of the doldrums, no need to be afraid to ask for help. Council psychologist Jeanne Miscavige:
"In the doldrums is best to contact psyhaterapevta. Honey It’s a disease. Who asked not only psychic means, which is the word, but often medykamentoznyh. Because should go to psyhaterapevta."

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