Diary of a young patient

"We were young and thought that life is infinite, and we — are immune. When, at last, my boyfriend took me to the registrar and we are thinking about the future life, it turned out — stormy youth to leave a memory. Genital infections should be urgently treated both of us. It is good that this unpleasant fact does not embroil us, but proved difficult to recover, especially me. "

Vaginal infection prevent a woman to feel the joy and fullness of life. Discomfort exacerbated by gloomy thoughts of partner infidelity. Infectious and inflammatory diseases of the vagina is the most frequent reason for seeking Russian women to a gynecologist. According to the statistics: one in two women of childbearing age suffer from vaginitis of various etiologies.

"I have identified a mixed infection. I took a course of antibiotics, and then — one more course … And then it turned out that it is necessary to treat chlamydia. "

Mixed infections of the sexual sphere in which the studies show the presence of several pathogens, are fairly common. The most frequently reported combinations of gonococcal infection, trichomoniasis, chlamydia and some other pathogenic microorganisms.

In recent years, Chlamydia becoming more "popular" infection. Susceptibility to chlamydia is highest in youth — aged 17 to 25 years. But the carrier of chlamydia can stay out all life. Chlamydia often goes hidden, without striking clinical symptoms, so to detect the presence of these bacteria can be just passing by analysis. Woman suffering from infertility, miscarriages, cervical erosion, but it is often not even aware of the reason for their misery — bated chlamydia. In the treatment of chlamydia are most effective macrolide drugs.

"But that was not the end of my suffering. As I have already decided that all Zadi, I started itching, profuse discharge — all over again. The doctor "pleased" — now I "visited" thrush. I obidela to his wife — it turns out he's cheating on me! Well, the doctor just explained, there is no fault of her husband. The fungus that causes yeast that normally lives in the mucous membrane. But he stepped up because after long-term treatment my immune system is weakened. Comforted, of course, but what do we do now? How to strengthen the immune system? "

The cause of many vaginal infections may be a decrease in the body's defenses, caused by prolonged use of antibiotics, poor environment, unbalanced nutrition, disease, stress, etc etc. A striking example — urogenital candidiasis, commonly thrush. The causative agent of thrush — yeast-like fungus Candida-kind normally live on the skin of the vagina, mouth and kishechnine without causing it any harm, because a healthy body keeps them under control. But sometimes the Candida goes on the offensive — begins to actively replicate. The reasons for this behavior may be a fungus: the misuse of feminine intimate hygiene, pregnancy, menopause, prolonged use of antibiotics and more. However, in the heart of the problem — the weakening of the immune system.

"Advertised drugs to get rid of a yeast infection fast I did not help. Began a long treatment, which gave only a temporary effect. The disease returned and poisoned my life. I tried to strengthen the immune system — to take vitamins, eat right, tried to relax more. That's just about any outdoor activity you can tell when it hurts and itches in the most intimate places? The mood at zero. "

Replacement of the normal vaginal microflora and opportunistic pathogens does not go unnoticed. In the vaginal mucosa accumulated significant amounts of toxins, microbial metabolites, which in turn further reduces the local immune system and triggers new pathological reactions. In some cases, pathogenic flora synthesize substances that are co-enzymes carcinogenesis. Modern medical science says and communication of bacterial vaginosis with neoplastic processes of the cervix.

"I was saved by a drug with a long name — Polioksidoniy. An experienced gynecologist, to which I got an appointment after months of unsuccessful struggle with thrush, told me about this drug, reducing immunity. Vaginal suppositories with polioksidoniem added to the list of drugs and, as it turned out, was not in vain! Polioksidoniy seems to me a powerful beast that fights for our health, helps the immune system to recover and repel hostile microorganisms. It's been a few years — my husband and I were born beautiful twins. Thrush does not come back. I am healthy and happy. I was helped by an experienced physician, and still strong, powerful, but not terrible beast with a wonderful name — Polioksidoniy. "

Diary of a young patientPolioksidoniy — Immunomodulatory preparation, he is able to influence the parameters of the reduced immune system without affecting those that have survived intact. Moreover, Polisksidony has a strong detoxifying and antioxidant action.

The effectiveness of polioksidoniya been studied in many clinical trials in t h and in the treatment of non-specific vaginitis. In evaluating the immune status of these patients are usually observed secondary immunological deficiency.

In addition to the causal and microbicidal patients received Polioksidoniy in suppositories — 1 suppository daily for three days and then every other day. The course of treatment — 10 suppositories (at a dose of 6 or 12 mg]. When administered in combination therapy polioksidoniya observed a more pronounced and rapid clinical effect. Example, almost all patients who received Polioksidoniy, within the first 2 days indicated the disappearance of itching, burning, discomfort, decreased the amount of bleeding, redness and swelling disappeared, the symptoms of intoxication became less pronounced, showed normalization of colposcopic picture. Adding polioksidoniya in the form of candles in the complex treatment of nonspecific vaginitis is highly effective. Perhaps polioksidoniya use in combination with etiotropic drugs promotes deposition microorganisms' double Shot. "Antibiotics unichtozhayutmikroorganizmy andPolioksidoniy, possessing immunomodulatory effect on makrafagalnoe and neutrophilic links, enhances this process.

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