Entrepreneurs in the regions support area

One of the requirements of businessmen — Fri 1.1 cancellation of the presidential decree number 760, which from 1 January rebuked hire anyone except close relatives. Chairman of the business union "Together" Ira Yaskevich said that some Vitebsk businessmen arrive in Minsk on area:
"Some people just closes. And will keep that close their outlets here, showing that we are in agreement. People are configured so that they do not understand how to work on. They fired already own salaried individuals. At worst condition we ladies malehankih having children. Some people just been aware of how babies grow up? Now there are more questions than answers to them. "
According to the activist association "Perspective" Victor Tchaikovsky, Brest police warned some businessmen who gather in Minsk that unauthorized action:
"Sentiment fighting. Activists are going to go to Minsk. But police work. Our situation is such that very many stalls closed. Put up for sale shops, kiosks. Closed many shopping malls, markets. Situation is very bad."
Mogilev most of businessmen going to go to the square in the center of town, to show solidarity.
"I and my people who worked for me too go, as there is no alternative — says businessman Valery Verbitsky. — This must be done every person who is engaged in a small business, because the only thing we can do at the moment — such protest. And to show the authorities that the steps that they have created about small business — are incorrect.
At the present moment the mood of businessmen more determined action is a presentable. Government plans to take what a man can have. Many people know that they are losing. "
According to the 1st of the favorites of entrepreneurs’ movement Levaneuski, some activists are already in Grodno Minsk. He said that recently a number of entrepreneurs are planning to share:
"Some people have very determined. Market" Southern "yesterday actually worked there worked only a couple of places. This is the largest market in Grodno. People fighting mood they wish to defend their rights all available methods. People were left without work, without means of subsistence, and no prospects. "
According to the activist "Perspectives" Alexander Rubchenya, some entrepreneurs come from Gomel to Minsk Square.
"Who’s not going to Minsk, about 70% will not go to work. People are determined, because they have nothing to lose."

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