Fishermen wrote Lukashenko

Under appeal over 2,600 signatures. Fishermen claim that tenants pay in the organization of fishing on the rivers take huge fee just for the right to be on the water bodies. Tenants with all this make only one condition — ustanavlyayuts signs that this stretch of river fishing is only a means.
"A penny invested and have already begun to raise funds — says Vladimir fisherman from Minsk. — I need to know what I paid for. With me trying to get money for what they have done nothing. And I’m in Minsk food for 300 km . "
For example, the State Park "Pripyat" is owned by the Office of Presidential Affairs. It has two sections pay recreational fishing. One of them — from the lake to Lake Estuary Zavehavoe to Pripyat with floodplain ponds. On the sign says that the price of a voucher for 1 person per day from the shore or from a boat of 30 thousand rubles. A boat with the engine — 50 thousand. Catch on 1 person per day can be less than 5 kg.
"There is a place, where the lowest price — explains chief forester park Vladimir Rakovets. — Please. If someone is not enough, what issues? People have always a lot, nobody complained. All rents, as it should be paid. Preparing a presidential decree on the transfer of land in the gratuitous use. Especially since, that part of the plot takes place in a national park. "

"If given a 32 kilometer river, where to put the toilet?"

But fishermen complain that tenants ignore their obligations in relation to stocking ponds, construction of parking lots, placing garbage bins, toilets.
Call Zhitkovichi PMK-97, which leases a significant portion of the Pripyat River. I replied:
"You do realize that if given a 32 kilometer river, where to put the toilet?"
Chief Forester Park "Pripyat" Vladimir Rakovets reads:
"Yes, you look what they’re doing. Every week the latest cart imported, they smash them. Thrown into the fire, smoke. Since such a culture in themselves. Especially in This year there have done a bunch of toilets, in the spring, after the departure of flooding everything is installed. Will be built sheds, parking, of course, all will be. "
The Ministry of Natural Resources explained that the tour price does tenant. But if the infrastructure is not equipped for what it may deny a license. As for stocking rivers, it turned out, is not always advisable. Ministry spokesman Natalia Kozenkov explained:
"For example, walleye and pike. They hold more 1st place. Here in this case stocking. But overall stocking rivers, it means the wind."
"Do they say anglers often emotions"
But fishermen write in his newspaper "angler" and on the Web. For example, 30 Soligorsk fishermen put their signatures to the rather short statement: "The list of anglers against renting Pripyat. Please excite criminal case for illegal rent Pripyat. "50 workers Minsk Electrotechnical Plant claim it must (Quoting the publication "Fisherman") "categorically prohibit the leasing of natural streams and rivers."
"For the disk imaging, which comes from the fishermen, tenants do not always comply with the conditions of the lease agreements, — says the chairman of the public association" Great Fishing Internet club "Oleg Zakrzewski. — Bury the catch. We appears conflict with the tenants, in waters where fish supplies undermined. Realize from anglers often they say emotions. He went to the pond, the fish are not caught a. He sees that there are any network, a petty. To whom they belong, hard to say. And as the body of water in the lease, the arrows are transferred to the lessee. "
"Legalized state poaching"

It seems that there may be, but the fishermen complain. Minsker Valery very indignant:
"Take for rent, pay a modest fee. And these networks can bludgeon uncontrollably as you want. Legalized state poaching."
Sovereign Valery usually goes fishing for a few days. And, of course, the prices for such recreation beating pockets. Specifically, do not correlate with wages rates in the Park "Pripyat":
"Where I always caught earlier, where I grew up, my house was standing there, I have to pay, that I picked up the bait. Catch not catch, I catch an hour or a day — does not matter. Necessary to go to another city, buy a ticket. Back here. Later, go into town this holiday let. This one day, hell knows that . "
In Narovlya isolated area at 4 km, saturated, free fishing on the Pripyat. But here is a pointer to the radioactive contamination. Fisherman Valery says:
"It turns out, take God that I was not perfect. Before the radiation reserve. Allowed to get guys. To fish!"

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