Give me a motto, and I become president

What is missing for the victory of democracy in Belarus? Proper use of popular universal motto! — They say "experienced analysts" who with tenacity rhino brought us that the opposition should take over from Alexander Lukashenko initiative and raise more social problems, more popular among the population. Only this will bring the victory of democracy, which, according to the semi-legendary expression Peter Kravchenko at a rally in the late ’80s, "is inevitable as death."
It seems, indeed, absolutely not difficult — ask sociologists ask people to find the hottest difficulties that worry most part, to raise them to offer their solutions — and then the population rasplyushchatstsa eyes, and it will vote for the opposition.
Because when the opposition offers political campaigns and slogans that do not affect the social and gastric problems — immediately the voices of critics who said: "no, this idea is not supported by the majority, so that it can not win." Not the first time such a "cap" placed on the way ideas about the European choice of Belarus. Since then, when at the last Congress of Democratic Forces Statkevich advocated a strategy of pro-European choice, a couple of times analysts have already noted that the integration in the EU is now a large part of the population does not support. Indeed, as evidenced by the September data NISEPI, the answer to the question "Should Belarus join the European Union?" With years of its historical low — 29.9 percent. Incidentally, in 2003, for it was about 60 percent.

Give me this magical formulation, and I immediately become president, and its creator do minister info and reward Order Scorina.

And now, they say smart and pochetaemye critics what to do with those 34 percent are in favor of integration with Russia and those of others, acting "against all" and a political platform which can be briefly express the motto "Fuck you all" No, not will endeavor to make the European Union, they say "experienced analysts" — and offer opposition to choose the difficulty that most of trevozhut and will be supported by the majority.
In connection with this I get a child’s question. If you’re so smart, offer even political slogan that will be supported by a majority of the Belarusian population. What are the political slogan that ignite the eyes of the Belarusian electorate, take to the streets to force farmers, teachers and stockbrokers. Give me this magical formulation, and I immediately become president, and its creator do minister info and reward Order Scorina.
Only motto that may appeal to all may sound like this: "Are you for not bad, happy, rich life?" And here we wholly support not wait: 10 percent fundamentally answer "do not know", 30 percent — "but what’s the catch?" 20 percent — the same "as you would go …"
Besides, when they say about winning slogans of favorite and I hunt clarify — "though what motto?" In other words, if, according to opinion polls, the motto of "Bay of or addition (required thrust), save Belarus" acquire a greater percentage of popularity, whether it means exactly what it should be adopted? I certainly utryruyu (it is not my beloved occupation), but a certain situation: by sociologists, our population is now more worried about rising prices. What motto stands to raise as Danko its heart, about this? "Down with the price increase!" "Stop the rise in prices!" "We will not let inflation surpass 10 percent!" "Romanchuk — In prime ministers! "-? Everything (except the last) unattractive, besides all these slogans are already saddled power (again, not counting the latter, although here I would not say never :). But the topic of EU membership this power is unlikely Do be able to ride without significant electoral losses. This endless problem — need to become a dragon to destroy the Dragon, and would not like the hundredth time to develop it. I’m just trying to show that belief in the magical motto that will appeal to all, it’s like searching fern blossom — employment romantic (especially if he was invited for the conference and pay the money), but poor results. 

Belief in magic is the motto that will appeal to all, it’s like searching fern blossom — employment romantic but poor results. 

Take a fairly abstract realities for our situation. In some European countries (Norway, Switzerland) takes a referendum on the issue of joining the European Union. And 55 per cent voted against. Once those political forces who advocated European integration, scratching his head, heed the "wisest analysts" and they say — "to overcome, it is necessary to join the majority." And they do it to form a coalition, along with favorites (opponents of European integration) and include them in the government. There are several (currently not abstract) questions: 1. Who currently represents the interests of 45 percent of those who voted for the European Union? 2nd What utter these people about those politicians who defected to the side of the majority? 3rd Or would you vote for such politicians?
At this point we have two very freshest and very familiar examples of our neighbors. In Russia, the Alliance of Right Forces (SPS), feeling their own electoral crisis, "went to the people," to be exact — in hypermarkets, where he arranged a rally against rising prices. But the picture Boris Nemtsov and Maria Gaidar, who resent the price of a bottle of oil, apparently, so not sure of Russian voters, many of them, maybe loaf that gaze transfer "Town" — as a result of ATP received its own 1 percent.
Reverse example. In Poland in 2005, the brothers Kaczynski won, thanks, among other, the motto of distrust towards Europe, and the opponent’s own head Donald Tusk was accused of pro-German course and desire "to subjugate Poland Brussels." Poles, but only took 2 years of "sovereign democracy" Kaczynski, during which the brothers had a falling out with the neighbors — and the parliamentary elections in October 2007, Donald Tusk triumphantly defeated (in record numbers as in the elections), not changing fundamentally own approaches.
Because my "secret" is more conventional and, coupled with the more difficult — be yourself, believe in their own values, bring them to the people and convince them to do everything to make you believe. Entering "on the ground" my colleague Constantine Bondaruk, quote the Bible — "And the last shall be first."

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