Highway M-58 Amur

At the end of May this year, drove a car with Vladivostok to Bratsk. Last year, just lecturing on your site a great report about haul road and about the Chita-Khabarovsk. During the year I was on the site with the search engines come a lot of people interested in the state of the Chita-Khabarovsk-Vladivostok. There was even one such query into a search engine, which has led to my site "is it true that after the drive Putin Chita-Khabarovsk highway asphalt removed?". So I think that a report on the state of roads in 2013 will be very important.


From left Vladivostok at about 11 am, the city was very sunny and hot, although all the previous days there was a drizzle and rain was horizontal. With the city went as usual on the old pass road (through the boards and Fishermen), stopped briefly in one of the bays near the road, look at the ocean, interestingly, along the coast and a few hundred meters inland could not see the sky because of the dense clouds , and just a kilometer from the coast was clear and the sky was the heat.

The road to the ring at the airport, made for the APEC summit, still in perfect condition, as it was a year ago, on the way to Ussuriysk was a small piece of dirt roads in this area being renovated. Svorotku detour on the road again slipped Ussuriysk that time not get to see this new bypass road, as always, had to go through the city. After Ussuriysk and Khabarovsk until the road is in good condition, came across three sites that were the large-scale reconstruction of the road: the old asphalt was removed, the road re-paved road and increased the roadway. There were also areas with a perfect finish, where a similar reconstruction was last year.

Khabarovsk passed when it was dark at that time was pouring rain. On the Prospect of the 60th anniversary of October because of poor visibility swooped on what that big hole, start to beat the wheel, as it turned out bent the drive the next day at shinomontazhke in Novobureysky fixed the damage with a sledge hammer (arched back disk), and then drive ceased to beat. Khabarovsk Bridge passed in almost complete darkness, for some reason did not burn any lights on the bridge. We left for the bridge, the track began Chita-Khabarovsk, Khabarovsk Krai ended, entered the Jewish Autonomous Oblast. To the place of the planned overnight (Camping Pit Stop) — An ideal way, came to a pit stop after midnight. This time, before removing the specified number if there is a mosquito net on the windows, not to be poedennym insects as last year.

On the second day moved somewhere at 7 am Brotherly time (5 pm, local), in some places over the road was a morning mist. The road from the pit stops again perfect. Last year, he wrote that there was a site where the road running through the marshland, in some places much failed. This year, the areas with the failures have been bombarded with soil and rammed in May, there was already working technique, so for now, I think there already is a new asphalt, dips completely eliminated. Next to the stele "Moscow-Vladivostok", which is located in an ideal area Novobureysky road. There was only a small part of the road 10 kilometers, or 20, where conducted large scale works somewhere for the road through the hills appliances cleaned a lot of ground and slept somewhere opposite embankment height of several tens of meters. The scope of work is impressive. Despite the rain drove past this site is easy graders are constantly working to maintain a primer suitable for driving condition. The problems there have only large trucks that are on the highway tires could not climb the slippery mud uphill drags their bulldozer.

Around the stele "Moscow-Vladivostok", made the traditional photos. In shinomontazhke, located a few hundred meters from the stele removed the front right wheel, sledgehammer straighten bent in Khabarovsk drive there, had breakfast in a cafe nearby.

Three or four hours again an ideal way when driving in her time passes almost unnoticed. In the area of the city was torn off Belogorska only about 30 kilometers of asphalt. Probably about this site say they stripped the asphalt after Putin drove along the road. In fact, there was an old road that has been made either in the 90's, or 80's, there is now an old asphalt was removed, increased the height of the mound, expanded roadway and prepared for the installation of new asphalt. Now I think a large part of this segment is already compacted the asphalt. But even the primer was in very good condition, went in it with a speed of hundreds of miles per hour. They arrived at the Zeya River. After the bridge, about three kilometers, there is a great diner where lunch. After dinner the night before and did not remember, the road is perfect, flew unnoticed, the speedometer rarely dropped below 120 kilometers per hour. As planned drove the day before motel "Flaming Dragon" (Town Znamianka), which, though older Pit Stop, but it is much more comfortable, only minus is that the rooms guests are allowed to smoke.

In the morning left a little later than planned. Two hundred and fifty kilometers to Chita — again a perfect way, eliminate the problem area in the past year. After the ring road to Chita, while not new, but also in very good condition. On the segment to the village Ulety, there is only a small temporary detour compactor, organized by reason of repair of the bridge. In fly away lunch at cafe "Transit". Over the road between Chita and Ulan-Ude, there is a small area where the removed old asphalt and preparing the new styling is somewhere 50-80 miles is not a very good road. Special holes, as last year it does not, they are sealed, but the quality of this road is very different from what it was in the previous two days. One can understand that the road is not new, overhauled in this area have not been repaired. Another major renovation was, in my opinion, in Tarbagataya out there on a site about 5 kilometers laid new asphalt.

At about 9 pm drove Ulan-Ude, stopped to dine in cafe "Russian woman" (A few tens of kilometers after Ulan-Ude). The area between the Kabansky and Babushkin was the length that made constantly be on their toes. Riding ahead of team-mate warned that the road is not much in this place. He rode a specially there is no more 80-plus miles per hour, all the possible pit passed by.

In the Irkutsk region has driven the morning after. Inside the city Bajkal'sk and a couple of kilometers to the way it is in very poor condition, probably money in the city treasury for the maintenance of road no. Next to Irkutsk road was in good condition. From Vladivostok to Irkutsk including overnight stays in motels reached in less than three days.

Who cares — a lot of pictures, you can see here, is very clear that the situation with the roads being established in Russia.

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