How to celebrate Christmas in the near and distant light?

Vienna has opened the season of Christmas balls. After a long hiatus resumed Vienna Music Festival since the Middle Ages and the Baroque "Resonanzen", the theme of which in This year — "Improvisation, performance, ecstasy." The program Viennese balls usual: first — welcome cocktail, after performances of the Vienna Opera and Ballet, banquet and dancing until 5:00 am.
In English, the Tower at the "Medieval Yule" can behold how to celebrate Christmas at the royal court of Edward I. And at the moment in London gather most eminent mimes, magicians and dancers from around the world — on the world’s largest international festival "Mime"-Mime Festival and the circus, which also act plastics and theaters and ballet. Among the most exciting events of the festival — plastic nonsense comedy "This beautiful world" French theater BPZoom, plastic musical composition "Mozart Preposteroso!" English by Zero RAE acrobatic spectacle French company "Collectif Petit Travers".
Across Europe in an old town squares in the capitals and small towns — the classic Christmas markets. Their come not only to acquire Christmas gifts, and treat yourself local Christmas sweets — hot waffles, pancakes unusual, Christmas pechavam that is happening on the eyes, hot chestnuts and oysters, sausages and pig roasted on the fire completely, and, naturally, beer and hot wine. At these fairs are also organized rinks, winter rides, concerts and performances.
Although this year’s Christmas weather is not amused Europe snow in this year’s Paris Eiffel Tower covered with snow 30 cm — though artificial. Guests stroll through the deep snow in this snegastupah.
Santa Claus lived in Asia
A "Big world of ice and snow" opened yesterday in China — in anticipation of the Olympics in 2009. This is a festival for which the park is created on the ground about 40 thousand hectares of Harbin. Of the hundreds of thousands of tons of ice and snow made statues that show the history of the Olympics. The park 6 peyzazhnyh regions — among them, for example, the region svyatago fire Olympics and region emotions about the Olympics — all of snow and ice.
And here’s another exciting Christmas event in Asia — though, as everyone knows, Santa Claus lives in Lyaplandyi, Finland, from This year it will have maybe another place of residence constant — a mountain in Kyrgyzstan.
Swedish company "Sweco", dealing with logistics and consulting, to substantiate that the Fergana ridge — perfect place to start a Santa Claus, that he with less force and deer possible faster time to bring gifts to children around the world.
Kyrgyz authorities take it seriously, was renamed in honor of a certain mountain of Santa Claus, there is arranged the construction of its newest residence and subsequent year announced a year in the country of Santa Claus.
In the BalticChristmas music and the world

Now celebrating Christmas most of the inhabitants of Poland and the Baltic states. In Vilnius churches — Christmas Festival of Sacred and traditional music. Concerts, the entrance to which is more free to occur in the morning, evening and funny day.
In Vilnius restored church of St. Catherine, for example — concerts islyandskih performers and French chanson (programm "streets of Montmartre"), as well — concerts Belarusian guitarist Igor Dedusenko.
Latvia is usually (third year in a row) occurs festival "European Christmas". Festival opened in Riga Dome Cathedral in the French Baroque era works, as music of French composer Olivier Mesiyana mystic. The festival artists and works from various European states.
In Estonia, as early as the 5th Nordic countries, Christmas began as usual with the Christmas peace, which yesterday announced the Mayor of the City Hall windows. Medieval tradition of Christmas peace suffers from the Swedish Queen Christina. Christmas peace in Estonia lasts a day or St. Canute, the first Estonian patron guilds (January 13).

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