January 3 was 50 years Danchika

In honor of the beloved singer Belarusians in different countries call their own kids Bogdanov, his dream to hear new songs and come to his new concerts.
Special issue of the very first year in a new transmission "Belarusian abroad" with the role of the Belarusians from different countries dedicated Danchika — beloved singer Belarusians of different ages from different countries.
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1st album "Belorusochka" was released in 1977
Danchyk was born, studied and lived a large part of life in New York. His father Pavlo — Ukrainian, and her mother Julia — Belarusian. Since childhood Danchyk knows and Belarusian, and Ukrainian languages. When he was 16 years old, he came to the concert "Pesniary" — the ensemble has toured in America. A year later recorded Danchyk own first album, which became the first Belarusian disc in the United States.
"Belorusochka" — so was called most first album Danchika. "Belorusochka" was recorded in 1977 in the USA and published on CD-ROM after 30 years in Minsk.
Danchyk recorded after 5 more albums.
The last album, "Christmas Song", recorded in Danchika 1997, after the last concert in America, when he stated that he stops his musical career. The main occupation became Danchika journalism.
At the moment, "Belarusian musical nominee" began in Belarus reissue on CD albums Danchika all — not so long ago, December 19 2007, BPF office in Minsk were presented just three CD Danchika.
Project Manager Vitaly Supranovich and musicologist Vytautas Martinenko supplemented and refined edition discography Danchika found and added album of Ukrainian songs in its implementation. In one of the disks came in and documentary film "Danchyk" removed "BYELARUSFILM" during the singer’s arrival in Belarus in 1989.
Or speak Danchyk concerts in Belarus anew?
Then Danchyk also performed in Vilnius. In Vilnius, incidentally, roots Danchika grandmother Danchika, Ioannina Kochanowski — niece vtvaralnikav BNR Anton and Ivan Lutskevich recognizable Vilna Belarusian officials.
Ludwik Cardis, an activist and one of the favorites of the public organization "Vilensky Belarusian Museum of Ivan Lutskevich" recalls the arrival Danchika and knows that there are unique photos as long record of Vilna and concerts Danchika recorded blessed memory Levon Lutskevich Antonovich, who called his Danchyk Vilnius grandfather.
Editor Bialystok "Niva" Eugene Wapa told about concerts Danchika in Bialystok yes remembered how to prazdnichkom people was his arrival.
Listeners a variety of people from Belarus rumors about Danchika — know him heed, love and expect new concerts. Waiting Danchika in Bialystok, and Vilenschina. In Vilnius Belarusians believe that Danchyk already started to sing again, and his first concert to be at the moment particularly in Vilnius, where people will be able to gather from various states.
A music critic from Minsk Dmitry Padbyarezki said that representatives of musical club sphere Belarus have already approached him with severe inquiries regarding probable Danchika concerts, and even notable Belarusian guitarists who could play along with the singer, already defined. "It would be nice, so Danchyk came with a concert — it would be just great," — says Dmitry Padbyarezki.
Unfortunately, there is currently the ability to listen to the answer of the Danchika the ability of such concerts — but it certainly means that the transfer of "Belarusian abroad" still return to topic, and songs Danchika will continue to sound on our waves. Tags: Danchyk music

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