KGB interested students zabugornom trips

Student of Belarusian Municipal Institute of Physical Culture Tatiana Tsishkevich told "Radio Liberty", she called KGB officer and offered to meet:
"I called KGB officer and only after my request was presented as Vadim Piskunov. He stated that he needed to talk to me about foreign travel. Even offered encounter somewhere in town, when I did not have enough time. During the year I was in Poland, Lithuania and Ukraine. I understand that employees are interested in KGB the topic, because the main participants in these events — the youth. "
In May last year Tatiana Tsishkevich beat commandos during acceleration youth action against cancellation of privileges. August 16 beat her again when dispersed a rally of solidarity with political prisoners and families of the missing. Tatiana came to the clinic with a concussion, with countless beatings, and inflammation of the kidneys. Woman studying in the second year of the Belarusian Municipal Institute of Physical Education at the coach of equestrian sports.
In the past year, Tatiana was in Ukraine, Lithuania and Poland. She told that her friend from another KGB also tried to find out information.
"On the days of kegebeshnik called my friend and asked her to meet. He introduced himself as Andrei. Surname he did not read, and offered to come to the KGB with the service entrance, where he experiences a her or office number 17 on the 3rd floor."
Youth activist BPF Nasta Aleksandrovich said "Radio Liberty" that the KGB first seek to establish contacts with the "brand new", which not so long ago became members of unregistered youth organizations.
"For activists Belarusian opposition arranged various training seminars. Intelligence agencies are also aware of this. It is clear that they are interested workshop topics and their participants. KGB surely seek out easy sources of information. There is such a practice in them, finding new people and to arrange interviews with them. Such discussions can be both educational institutions and, as it was with the BPF Youth activists at the airport. Asked about the topic of the seminar and about what they were doing overseas. "
In This year municipal institutions, the practice, whereby the student must take the dean permission to travel abroad. If the student will meet abroad, a similar certificate should give him the headmaster. In addition, minor without help from their parents, attested by a notary abroad will not be released.

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