Kiosks in Minsk will close?

Back in 2000 in Minsk was terminated establishment of new stalls, left only to public transport stops.
"I am against the arms and legs"
On the small window kiosk inscription: "Open from themselves." Hostess so concealed from the wind. She let me in the booth. There is a product on the shelves included heater, has a cool. Cramped, but comfortable.
"Buyers are many. All take — and cigarettes, beer, beverages … We are from 7 to 22 hours. We will not stay here long, because we wish to remove, and believe that our business has already exhausted itself. And I would like more to work. "
About stalls see buyers who have just got hold of beer, Coke, cigarettes, candy, chips. How do they relate to the fact that kiosks close?
"I am against the feet and hands. Shops not all work, work booths and always at hand. Cigarettes, beer without problems. I, for example, the shop locked at nine, but to" nightlight "to go is unclear how much."
"I’m certainly against as business needs to grow everywhere. And always healthy competition for people."
"We’re just out of the store, standing at the bus stop boring — stand and buy chips."
"I am opposed to close. It’s so comfortable. Came and took, and went on, no need to go to the store. The store — all. Maybe aesthetically arrange kiosks — is another question."
"They are already 10 times changed, people pay money for it. Again demolished by bulldozers, and once again will pay. Wish that hypermarkets worked. So let them put on every corner."

"It is the credibility of our country"
In Minsk almost 700 commercial stalls. City officials believe that they should be closed. Deputy Chairman of the Minsk City Executive Committee Oleg Tabanyuhov Pronunciation:
"Kiosks have outlived their usefulness, and it is futile. Prospects of their development in the town of Minsk not and will not. How do we define what it will instead, so here we will make some decisions. This will systematically work is done, first with the main streets, and later … It has already gone into oblivion this trade. We are in the center of Europe, we have the capital, it is the credibility of our country, and then must best and most advanced. "
According Tabanyuhova kiosks do not meet a number of requirements — from the aesthetic appearance to sanitary standards. In This is the meaninge Tabanyuhov states, have outlived their usefulness and kiosks "Belsayuzdruk", and now the authorities are thinking than to change them as well.
Businessman from Minsk, member of the association "Perspective" Maria Joffe has a commercial kiosk at the final stop on the street Esenina 100 30 1st
"He’s the only one left this kiosk. Around me pozakryvat kiosks. I believe that such kiosks at least stops must stand. Man got off the bus, I myself, from time to time, the food in the city from time to time, I feel bad, because I unhealthy people, I go out, I need a minute to the same drink or something to throw the candy in his mouth. "
"Ask the people — it is for their problem"
Mrs. Mary wished to have a few more stalls because there is strength and desire to work. She even recorded so called "PUE" — private unitary enterprise. Now, it turns out, it does not help.
"I do not hunt just sit at home, do not hunt pabiratstsa. Do not hunt to the people with whom I have been working for 15 years, left the job. How to find the top — it does not because it thinks people. About people nobody thinks not listen to the people. One person decides, and 10 of its support. And ask the people — it is for their problem. "
Several stalls entrepreneurs had to close due to the presidential decree number 760, which does not allow employees to have, not counting relatives. Ms. Maria says:
"As I see in your own area, I live in the Robin, every fourth stall closed. Moods especially to decent people have no life."

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