Lukashenko approved Orthodox radio

The parties concluded that the past year was one of the most fruitful periods of cooperation in different areas, and now the government and the Church must join forces to solve the social and spiritual problems.
First speech Alexander Lukashenko said that the government has made all the conditions for normal operation in Belarus denominations that operate within the law and benefit society. For such a "right" based on the belief power confessions made the best conditions: religious associations are exempt from taxes on land and property. They pay at a reduced price for the gas, and the Orthodox Church — to the same for heat and electricity. This simply can not boast first Protestant church, of which at best are charged the commercial establishments. And at worst — just eliminate.
"Often I hear from people is that for the last 10 years in Minsk under any Protestant church did not give land — says Pastor Minsk Evangelical Church" John the Baptist " Antony Bokun. — And now, after the adoption of the Housing Code and other regulatory documents, payment for the land of religious communities became nepadymnay. I know that some communities opt out of excessive ground, leaving only the land on which the building stands. In other words, only Infraskanny perimeter structure and all. After payment for the land was exhibited for both commercial organizations. "
Over the course of the meeting with Lukashenko observed higher Orthodox clergy and politicians. Recently the deputy chairman of the Belarusian Popular Front party Mikhalevich addressed an open letter to the Metropolitan of Minsk and Slutsk Filaret requested to apply for commutation former deputy editor of "Concord" Alexander Zdzvizhkou.
January 18th Minsk City Tribunal found the journalist guilty of "inciting racial, national or religious hatred" and sentenced to three years in prison. The occasion was the republication in "Zgodze" caricatures of the Muslim prophet Muhammad. "Taking into account that even Muslim clerics spoke badly about the verdict, the voice of the Orthodox Church can be very important," — said Mikhalevich:
"Well, I hope so. I really hope that Filaret — perhaps informally, unofficially, but the rise this question. Very hunt hope that Ales Zdzvizhkou period will be shortened. While difficult to comment anything, judging by the reports that arise . However, concerning the these meetings, the leaders of the church and the country quite often meet among themselves as orthodox as before the first and remains the main religion. "
Regarding the fate of journalist Zdzvizhkou Alexander Lukashenko during a meeting with Filaret nothing ever sounded. But the head of the country welcomed the initiative of the church — to do in Belarus Orthodox radio station. Lukashenko also promised that the government will help the church in all matters — from training to strengthen the real base.

Though any building in the ordinary complex restoration work can be saved

Soon the area of the Upper Town will take effect Theological Academy. Commissioned work here are rapidly and as they say experts at the historic part of town with all this just collapses. According to the chairman of the Belarusian Society for Protection of Monuments of History and Culture Anton Astapovich, under excavation restoration fall most old buildings that have been preserved in the capital:
"Indeed, there are stone buildings began to treat at the end of the XVI century. And they have reached our time, however, many buildings with a makeover later, strata. But base from the late XVI — XVII centuries remains. This can be traced in the methods of masonry, and other features — all of this can be seen. "
Reporter: "That is not to say that they are in a very poor condition and already crumbling?"
"Though what building in the ordinary complex restoration work can be saved. And in this case they are not just being demolished, and this brings a certain expert opinions. But it is clear to everyone: expert opinion is needed, such and can write. After all services tied between a: that the expertise that city council that the church — all this being said, a single mechanism. "

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