Merits and evils of Belarusian sports

Ice palaces built, that the world was cooler?

First victory this year for Belarusians came at the World Championships in skiing, when a 19-year-old Leonid Kornienko Mogilev won a silver medal — the highest achievement in the history of Belarusian skis.

Is there a system in the training of Belarusian athletes? Who povinet that in most disciplines there are no results? Why Belarusian Sports advance outline our humble place at the Olympic Games in China? On these and other questions seek out answers triple Olympic favorite Parfenovich and sports telekamentatar Alexander Road.
Roots: "So as not to delay the intrigue, what actions the role of Belarusian athletes this year can be attributed to the asset, and which — in versatile sporting life? Kindly respond immediately Putilo Alexander, who, in his own profession, every day encounters with sports news, analyzes them … "
Putilo: "First victory this year for Belarusians came at the World Championships in skiing, when 19-year-old Leonid Kornienko Mogilev won a silver medal — the highest achievement in the history of Belarusian skis. True, indiscriminately clear that this happened quite the case, because winners in difficulties began with the weather and had to start Kornienko, even when the weather was.
I would also noted the success of athletes — Ivan Tikhon and Nadezhda Ostapchuk — at the World Championships in Osaka, Japan. For the first time in the history of Belarusian sailing became world champion Tatyana Drozdovskaya. It was a long time for this merit and became the world champion is not the case. Another victory mention Julia and Natalia Bichek Gelakh: Munich at the world championships in academic veslavanni the first time they were winners of the competition.
Translated into "Germans" Carsten remains Belarusian diamond
But the greatest achievement of Belarusian sports I believe success vyaslyarki Ekaterina Karsten, which continues to amaze us, though constantly moved on to Germany. Among other victories this year weightlifter Andrei Aryamnov note, he also won the world championship. This newcomer competition itself the highest level, he was still a junior, 19 years to him.
But still go back to what swimmers biyatlyanisty, football, hockey, tennis — all that remained at the same level. And the overall picture is more catchy Belarusian sport did not, I think so. Any distinctive and rushes forward was not, and some huge potential in something we have not yet appeared. As before, stand as follows: if we can — we have a medal, but no — it is not necessary. In short, not measured. "
Roots: "Vladimir Vladimirovich, as your eyes can build a" hit parade "of records or, conversely, in the Belarusian antydasyagnennyav sport?"
Parfenovich: "I think the greatest" achievement ", which took place this year in the Belarusian sports — awarded the title" Honored Master of Sports of the Republic of Belarus "hockey players."
Putilo: "Hockey players club" Youth ", and not the team, how many could count …"
Parfenovich: "Yes, yes. I spoke with many masters deserved, and more" services "in the Belarusian sports this year was not. Indeed lowered rank below the plinth. Uganaravali for his role in the national and club competitions. Championships yard.’s Too bad.

"Why are you so adamant?"
Parfenovich: "All Olympic favorites outraged. They say we worked, we fought at the Olympic Games, and it got the highest rank. And to them for that?"
Roots: "Maybe so. But I think, in terms of noticeable events we missed basketball …"
Putilo: "So, ladies basketball team did very well at the European Championships in Italy, becoming the third prize winner. Do not know, maybe it’s not a coincidence, because the girls really looked very very. Came, by the way, in Minsk on days of FIBA Europe Secretary General Nar Zanolin. According to his passport Italian, was born in Canada, and in the 3rd generation, as he himself said, have siblings — Belarusians.
Visited our hall where the championship — and visited the National Technical University "Horizon". Naturally, taken aback: black halls, old walls, frayed, windows are also not new. But he said it was not the worst room, he beheld. Before this was in Georgia, Albania, Moldova, — say, you do not neglect the most. Given the fact that in those countries, too, there is no basketball success, the parallels are not the most pleasant. Anyway, he said he would help us. "
Marveled ethnic Belarusian Belarusian basketball

You understand what the difficulties in basketball? Play harder Belarusians abroad

Parfenovich: "You understand what prepyadstviya basketball. How, in general, and in other types of gaming? Feasible Belarusians play outside the country. And gather together at the championships. And this problem."
Putilo: "I can clarify that the team is only one participant in the championship of Belarus was …"
Parfenovich: "In a federation, it is very well aware of, because the national championship should be a completely different level."
Putilo: "Well, the president signed a decree not only about hockey, hockey went for basketball, handball and volleyball …"
Parfenovich: "And the next species?"
Putilo: "Impartially game species are the most spectacular …"

"But ask for a medal at the world championships and the Olympics of all. And how many add-game species? Friend on the force?"

"According to unofficial disk imaging, our bureaucrats and not very pleasant, when the team goes to the Olympics. After the story the whole team — it’s great costs. Had a chance to get to the Olympics in the women’s hockey team on the grass, but if the team" flew ", then Ministry of Sport relieved. fact carry the team because 1st medals as you reads? But he still needed to capture. "

"Yes, is not due to medals, and for his role in the event. But behold the one problem of not and do not want to build our bureaucrats. If we were lucky team as athletes would have seen the Olympics and how many steps forward would make this federation, this kind of Sports! And if not we’ll take — and will not step forward. "

"Our trainers carry athletes, including know athletics. Occasionally recognized honestly athlete is not ready to march. But if a person goes to the World Cup or European, the coach gets the extra money. Because I, at least reads. "
Parfenovich: "Not in this case. As for the coach, let it receives funds. Our coaches are now getting a little much. Particularly those working with small babies …"

"With small — one, and if it works with the athlete of the highest level, as it is believed and know that person is not ready, but still …"
Olympic games — all right there classified
Parfenovich: "An athlete who has qualified for the Olympics, should play there. Who he’s 10th, 20th place — this is not important. Critically, so he showed the best result of your own."

"Means No" — they say. And if hockey and football are estimates such as all types taken together

Putilo: "If completed qualifying Olympic standard, naturally, he should go there."
Parfenovich: "If anyone wishes to see the country develop the sport, the athlete that lucky. And not because it happens in some countries."

"So why are all the same in Belarus restrict participants Olympics?"
Parfenovich: "Means No" — they say. And if hockey and football are estimates such as all types taken together, then what read? "
Putilo: "Football is already helping FIFA, UEFA …"
Parfenovich: "That aid — it tears. And how much help the government — that’s an indicator."

"Already mentioned that many Belarusian athletes perform outside the country. But there is another pressing issue — the rate on foreign professionals, which started in Belarus more allure. But if cooperation Glen Hanlon with a hockey team partially pleased …"
Parfenovich: "What did he do such amazing?"

"The highest place in the world championship with him, took — the sixth …"
Roots: "… In any case, after he was replaced by Kurt Fraser, the team in general nothing special did not mention. In football, with Bernd Stange seems bobble out. The same applies to biyatlennay team that runs the Russian special. What should be the motivation to invite coaches who do not always work out Radzivil his considerable salary? "
Parfenovich: "And why are they necessary? If not own school, then invite anyone — do not make this special. Should be a school, including coaching. Native Belarusian school. People come from other training, as it is quite another. We have their own professional cook, send them to school. there they adopted the experience. "
Coach without knowing the language — fully legal competence?
Putilo: "We usually one answer: we can not send coaches, because none of them know not alien language, namely the British. And teaches special zeal has not."
Parfenovich: "What is that language? Though some special sight to create what they are doing in training athletes of another country. Language There is not needed. If only allowed to look, gave the watch."
Roots: "As in this case, with the Olympics — to visit, feel the mood."
Parfenovich: "The Olympics — a feature that is brought under chatyrohgoddem. And just for the athlete and coach, who came to the Olympics, to achieve a good result. As this result was — that’s what we have to work."
Roots: "And you follower order to organize such courses for coaches abroad?"
Parfenovich: "And we must do it, and send abroad. But invite foreigners — is not our way. Belarus has always been famous for their own school, their staff. Because its cadres must prepare."

"Once associated wages that get invited coaches and local, the difference comes out once in eight. Wages said Stange — 35 thousand euros each month."

Favorite Olympics promise apartment, and later, how much has already experienced this when the credit received, seeking the ability to win — say, you already have an apartment

Parfenovich: "This, too, need read. For what reward? If prior Belarusian head coach received eight thousand dollars. Either he will reach results through payroll? I would suggest such an idea: let him be 35 thousand. But only when it reaches want result. A previously also received eight thousand.’s when reached the result — win 35 thousand. If not — or not.
Also an athlete with coaches with Belarusian including also must be signed similar agreements. How is the result of their own — you get the entire amount. If not — or not. And it will be a very good incentive. You will now receive 1 a thousand, and you have a contract will be 10 thousand. And if you do, you get the entire period all 10 thousand. And if you do not — "to videnya" as they say the Poles. "
Putilo: "So we have another thing: if a favorite Olympics promise apartment, and later, how much has already experienced this when the credit received, seeking the ability to win — say, you already have an apartment, etc. In short, not so easy get what even promise. "
Parfenovich: "In the country, almost all promise … You know how my father says? Here’s Looking Belarusian TV — everything is fine, everything is fine. Opens the fridge — nothing. Why can not I connect to a TV set refrigerator?"
Putilo: "Two words I would like to say about the administrative resource …"

Officials who lobbied Belarusian sports?

"Yes, really would like to know one question on the purpose of the position control of large federations officials — whether it justifies the hope that when their own positions and connections they will be able to lobby for the interests Tipo taken separately discipline?"
Parfenovich: "They are lobbying. Excellent lobbying Prokopovich academic veslavanne. Maybe he loves this kind, but maybe he imposed a" love. "Say, you go there and do it. When Vladimir Konoplev gave handball, and he wished playing football, you do not need to do. "
Putilo: "I beheld in the eyes handball nightmare when Vladimir fell ill at one point and did an operation when he was gone for a couple of months, people were shocked: will it continue? Whether he come back? And what with our handball will continue?"
Parfenovich: "Let not a handball, and with the tools that it distributes."

"But, surely, they really lacked in previous chairmen have enough control football federation administrative resource. Why handball was previously in decline, although the Russian times, in 1980, we have been success … But now and Sergey Gorbok who succumbed to the entreaties of Vladimir Konopleva and other legionnaires as Vitali Mabuza goalkeeper, came to Belarus to play for Belarus.
And here suddenly he Kanaplyou not know — he will continue to lead the federation or not? Here, for example, in the biathlon post goes into the heritage, do not even have to choose. However, quite rapidly replaced by the chairman of the KGB — Mackiewicz, Erin Sukharenko, now here Zhadobin … "

"Zhadobin neuzh then appointed?"

"No, he has not yet appointed. But I do not know yet whether gather some report-election conference, or do not need it."

"If the team goes from the presidential administration, then gather."
Putilo: "I am, in short, against the order to be appointed to such posts bureaucrats."
Parfenovich"I’m against, so as a result it does not give any."
Either gives worker MAZ on the development of biathlon?
Roots: "In other words, knock funds under a certain sport is still difficult?"
Parfenovich: "And who" knock means? "The working tractor factory? Either MAZ, BelAZ either, then you will come to him and say — give money to my sport, and I’m on you (tuk-tuk) Natsky tax?"
Roots: "Is it even possible to budget expenses for a specific sport?"
Parfenovich: "There is a budget sport with him and to leave. And who is lobbying, doing this, we need to keep it a little under the nail. Everyone understands this: who is closer to the body, and he will get more money. If the conductor current deals hockey, hockey is now, so to say, the party view, as once in the Russian Union. And if he was interested in another kind? What to expect when it was necessary? It should not be! "
Putilo: "I’ve heard that will be built in Mogilev second ice rink, because the first is sort of does not contain all comers."
Parfenovich: "Do you understand what in fact the case, if we take in general, scale? Warmer climate on the planet, and more rinks — the cooler." (Everyone laughs.)
Roots: "Indeed, in the end the last paragraph. Belarus currently being built many sports facilities that nominally should promote the growth of skill Belarusi
ans in team and individual competitions. This is a thousand times and mentioned ice rinks and ski resorts, and even vyaslyarny channel. on the functional approach "Minsk-Arena", which lodges all who remained behind the scenes. But the results — not so quite a few, as expected … "
Parfenovich: "You will pass on vyaslyarnyh bases. Construct? We sheds! Nothing done exclusively in Gomel built."
Putilo: "And in Brest?"
Parfenovich: "And what in Brest? Who will be there to do? Same Brest canal not far from there so called base. Crib. One — shed where children are involved, and the second -" Sheraton ", where once someone comes . Who is there to come? How much is invested in the channel! Tipo 10 million bucks. So we have 10 million dollars to rebuilt the country.
And it’s the same athletics, the heavy lifting. What did for them? Well, built manezh. And that made for the heaviest? As practiced in the basement, and friction. A hockey did? Precisely what results? Made to ensure that our legionnaires often went abroad and earn money often. Here’s what to do and what is done. "

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