Ministry of Economy: traders in the markets — this is not the class of business

Now on at once sounded demands resignation of Deputy Minister of Economy Andrei Tur, which oversees government big and small business. Bureaucrat directly blamed for the "winding up business as a class."
At the request of Radio Liberty to comment on these statements Andrei Tur said that sees action in more political than economic shape, because to argue with someone in this case did not consider it necessary to:
"Neuzh then those people selling on the market can only declare themselves businessmen? Do we have no other business? About anything at all in this case read? I believe that we are all working towards the same ideas and the same goal — promote entrepreneurship. But for any business development can not be in one particular group to build entire enterprise. This in-1’s. A in-2, the country, in fact, need a different business. Prior to this innovation, one that has been creating products and services. And if all businessmen concentrate on selling in the markets, so what will it be business? "
The former head of the Belarusian Union of businessmen Potupa considers the problem of personal business in the 2-ways. First, by the authorities, who have purposed to translate into a legal channel privateers, and actually people who go out on the street:
"In 1-x, y, authorities appeared very severe problem. But first they acted very badly, if this decree is being prepared. It was not caused in any way. And so far it is not due. Well, then there was a need of a general agreement between employers , the union and the government, one of which sought Fri: projects such documents should be subject to the discussion of all these structures, so that they, too, took part in this work.

The government is going, "With people it is impossible to build a case, as with the cattle"

Because this violation by the authorities, and at the moment we litsezreem certain results of these disorders. Of course, in this situation, the government initially povinet. After all, people can not, like cattle, build behavior. Necessary always something to figure out something in their own narmatvorchastsi explains.
Another view — that these actions, in including with the release of the October Square. I do not think that they will lead to any good result, because behold the power of this force intimidation. And the government will not meet at least due to the fact that they are very nervous about everything that is currently happening. Because I do not see any positive effects from these demonstrations. "
During a similar protest on January 10, was detained leader of the United Party Anatoly Lebedko civilians. Member of the Political Council of the UCP Sergei Alfer convinced that detention of participants of such activities contradict Global experience different social groups struggle for their rights:
"In globally people assert their rights in several ways. First — through trade unions. Where high prof association, where they make a very significant impact on municipalities. Second — in the streets. And if we quite often through litsezreem "EuroNews" about the strike on the negotiations with the trade unions or employers municipalities, we litsezreem direct access to the street and people who demonstrate to local authorities, demonstrate to the public that they are going to defend their rights.
Third option occurs immediately: the negotiation process as trade unions, and the activities of groups of people who wish to defend their rights. So all this overarching question. And the fruits of exit of people to the streets first — is the impact on society that supports or does not support a legitimate claim these people. In the whole world it’s pretty intense work. And I think that in Belarus this method also has the right to exist. "

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