Now — the presentation of all disks Danchika

Previously, these albums existed only on vinyl and long steel musical rarities. The presentation will also show the movie "Danchyk" and rare footage of his creative life. This was stated by the publisher albums Vitaly Supranovich.
For the first time on the disc Danchika hymns were published in Belarus 2005. It was a record, "I far from you", recorded in New York in 1985 yet.
In Last year "Belarusian musical nominee", which belongs to the idea of the project and its implementation, reissued on CD 1992 album "We’ll meet again." And now published just three new discs famous singer.
"They come in a series of" Belarusian musical archive "- says the project manager Vitaly Supranovich. — This drives" Belorusochka "cooperative with Bortkiewicz" We belong one for you "and Ukrainian" same age ". Currently we can say, that virtually all Danchika albums that were previously left on the disks. Previously, they only existed on the record, and the new people, are presently heed to music on modern media, had no such ability. "
The presentation will be a meeting with the members of the fan club Danchika that exists in Belarus for almost 20 years. Will show the movie "Danchyk" which once removed "BYELARUSFILM", but has long been not shown. And sovereign Supranovich promises rare view videos:
"We passed many hours Danchyk own archival records. There is his best first interview and how he came here, his first concerts, the first meeting here in Belarus. Some of this we choose the most exciting and show. "
At the current party, which starts at 18 hours in the office of BPF in Minsk will be presented all five studio albums Danchika disks. Which, incidentally, can be here and purchase.
There is still a second live album, a famous singer — "Christmas Song." This entry multilingual Christmas carols, made Danchika live in Belarus and in his New York apartment. Its publication on CD planned "Belarusian musical nominee" in next year.

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