Everyone who knew the actor capital Satire Theatre Anatoly Papanava write it was very atypical metropolitan artist. Did not make a career, going over the heads of his colleagues. Not adored his comedic roles that brought him fame distraught. And even slightly embarrassed that glory. And Anatoly Dad considered himself a Belarusian. And even at one point weighed own Belarusian find. Remember?
Papanava voice: "I vstretsil you and the past in obsolete heart quickened. Uremya I remembered …"

The village lies on an old Nyahachava Warsaw road, it attracts travelers Attention old-building of the former post office and a feast for the yard, built already in 1840. Also small and lovely vokzalchika, monument of architecture of the interwar time. On the station tube family Gnarls storks nest for themselves. And in Nyahachave born Lena Revkovskaya. Mom coming actor. Evacuation of the First World War a young Belarusian threw in Russia. Where she married reddish officer Dmitry Papanavym. In 1922, in their offspring born Anatoly. Lena Revkovskaya wished to return home. But peace treaty shtrishki her dreams dashed. Only in 1940 came to Papanavy Nyahachava. Where the young Anatoly for the first time met their historic homeland, countless relatives and her tongue. After he is a frequent visitor here.
Revkovskaya house now stands boarded up. All relatives have long razehalasya other towns. But a neighbor, aunt Ira, 70 years old, which I found when she chopping wood, remember the old days.

Old Woman: "With Nyahachava. He was born here. Naturally, not in my memory he was born. He seems to 20 of the second year."
Reporter: "He’s coming here?"
Ancient "he arrives. His mother’s sister, Val, brother Tolia. They lived next door. Which Came to the 60s. And it was a feast. Together we were sitting at the table. My owner loved to joke with him. He was also such a jocular my owner. "
Reporter: "And he was already known if not more?"
Old Woman: "He was already an artist. And how, not national or folk, I do not know. I do not know what’s Kina started. I came here, there was no TV. Most first Papanava bought my mother’s sister, Valya . "Record", the most old. They all ran. malehankih I damn kids and there on the telly. And Rabkovskim Kohl, with his uncle, we are very well lived. "You too, — says — look after the farm, let us. We’ll go there. "How come, treat us say."
Reporter: "That they went to Moscow?"
Ancient: "They are very often drove."
Reporter: "And what were in charge of their own metropolitan trips? What didand? In theater walking? "
Ancient "sipping vodka. He was a lover of alcohol. He even came here, great drink. Will gather. Moonshine drove bread. Not that at the moment sugar. And then the bread. Myagenkaya, was lint.
Papanava voice "for others and drink dazhe trezvenniki yazvenniki."
Ancient: He was a decent guy. Such fun. I was so young, 20 years old. Comes with own home, saying: "Oh, what a good guy you are." And he joked: "That was a young, maybe, and would love." Well, I do what I I can tell?

Nyahachava leader Sergei Fankin, forty-year low peasant, 10 years already as he moved from Russia to Belarus. And no regrets. Working as head of the station.
Reporter: "And here in the main old youth live there?"
Leader: "Young people have, but most of the naturally aged people.
Reporter: "But the bulk of youth work in the SEC?"
Leader: "No, we do not farm here. On the steel road work as technicians in PMC. Two shops. Here village perfectly placed. Railways, highway one, second. Still gas here, and there will be housing more than in the town. "
Reporter: "What the devil for you that gas? Felled such prices that better firewood."
Its role warden Sergei sees in restoring order. And that every year more and more difficult.
Leader: "In that village? Bringing order. Hard with some. Who clean, fence stands. And who says — no strength. Mow, clean. A fence paint — it means.
Alexander cement — the old inhabitant Nyahachava. Grandfather more than eighty years, but kept his feet firmly. He — shchaslivchyk. After Russian authorities took him only a small piece of land. Trained on the crane. During the second world got your working in the Ural military factories.

Reporter: "What man was Anatoly Dad? "
Old: "I’m only here beheld his time he came here to visit. And here’s the eldest was, my mother was walking to school, Nick, Nicholas. But it in ’39, he was a forester, here it is in the car. I beheld, as planted. B wagons with things with her daughters. went to Arkhangelsk. then such law was. "
Reporter: "A lot of Nyahachava taken?"
Old: "With no Nyahachava. Only his 1st. Was a forester. In wagons loaded and drove off. In the carriages of these commodity trough were prepared … "
It is about Papanava own uncle, Nicholas Revkovskaya. During his exile in Arkhangelsk on the road died from cold his two kids. It is because of this story nationwide beloved actor Anatoly dad never joined the Communist Party. Whatever gingerbread there any lures. But my companion even corresponded with Stalin himself. On the ability to return to their homeland after the war.
Old "bosses read — get to his place substitution. And where I’ll find a substitute? Beans I letter to Stalin. Stalin comes from a piece of paper. Zavodoupravlenie me cause in" After two weeks you will have to substitute. Calculation give. "
Reporter: "You wrote to Joseph Stalin?"
Old: "Yes. Piece of paper and I was lying. I lost it. What came of it. Seconded by place of residence of the family."
Reporter: "And do not be afraid?"
Old: "I was a hard worker. I was good."
Papanava voice: "Hello! This I Lyolik. Lyolik!"
Lady nearing retirement age, Natalya, working in state building organization. They build houses for farmers. By presidential programmke. With warmth and pride familiarized plasterer knows about his own work.
Tanallya "" Houses presidential. Initially, all asleep, scratching. While frosts, rains. No materials. What sort of quality? Plaster on walls wet. After it fall. Now clapping wall. Wet brick, and we’re going to wet. "
Reporter: "It’s being built?"
Natalia: "Construct. Saturday. Whoever does not come to work because the contract will be considered. All treaties scare. I can not live like this. A person must be rights, obligations. Laws. Well, you’re not a sheep in a flock that drove and urge on? Men prapyutstsa and who rises — shut your mouth. "
"Reporter:" And everyone loves it? And there was no desire to tell the chief … "
Papanava voice: "To you drop dead. So I beheld tsibya in rows in white sneakers."
Natalia: "It’s like a sword of Damocles over you. Well, at my age, I can stand up for themselves. A youth who comes? They hurled back and forth. And silent. Treaty. As it is still in contract for a year?"
The younger generation is nyahachavtsav woman Nadia. Young, beautiful, unmarried. Nadia works paramedic.
Reporter: "Are you a patriot Nyahachava village?"
Nadia: "Of course. Even a patriot. And no desire to leave. May 20 years lived here. I was born here. Had the opportunity to leave, but … "
Reporter: "Do not go. And why not?"
Nadia: "I do not such people, order to change something in own life. I love my village, cottage. I do not even know why. "
Reporter: "You’re so y
oung and beautiful. Excuse me, what is the suitors? "
Nadia: "With grooms tight. Very tight. Rubbish."
Reporter: "And what about the young beautiful lady to do?"
Nadia: "I just do not think about. I work and all.
Reporter: "This is incorrect."
Nadia: "That’s right. Marriage — not the most important thing in life."
Papanava voice: "No such spouse, the other would not dream at least for a time to become a Bachelor."
Reporter: "And what about the most important thing in life?"
Nadia: "To me it was all fine at work, at home. A grooms — it is secondary. For me, family, spouse and kids are not at the main site."

In civilized countries, there is a tradition to put literary monuments and movie stars. I try to imagine a lone figure on the platform Lyolik Nyahachavskaga station. And I do not find within themselves negative reactions.

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