The siege of the web Belarusian 8 jelly

On forums portal discussions are words Alexander Lukashenko, who said: "The Belarusian government considers Orthodox Church the main ideologue of civilization. "Comments:
"I believed that the church and the government are broken";
"One surprising preference Orthodoxy before Catholicism — such acts led to the disintegration of the country";
"And for me it is perfectly opposite, that Catholics do not belong to any side Lukashism to ideology."
"It remains only to cooperate post ideologist and the priest at the enterprises — to confess to the authorities!"
The forums web site "Nasha Niva"New Year’s discussions are transfer ONT" Pavlinka new ». Finish in the song are the words," you and I Bulbash Bulbash. "Comments:
"A sense of humor should not be confused with a bad taste and atrophied state consciousness";
"This is a show from start to finish — a primitive and insulting. Ibid gopota spot just got together and made their own" bulbashski concert "because they bulbashi and true";
"So in this movie, all the characters and there bulbashi and speak trasyantsy. And most of the population, which is designed and movie — bulbashi. So, that’s right: you Bulbash and I Bulbash. Realism."
Musician Lavon Volsky publishes his diary elegiac sketch of a trip the other day on Christmas Snowy Lane, which is located in Minsk, in the streets of Kharkov, "roamed the personal sector that way 20 minutes. After Snowy lane just so you will not find it charming. Fascinating there spirit in this area. As in poems of famous Belarusian poet: "But there are other, but still has that" …
This town is in town — paved streets, there are narrow that two cars do not razedutstsa on houses — old, even from my youth, blue plates with numbers and names of streets … But Minsk comes. After Snow lane Cost Multi remake, and around on the maze of narrow vulak haunting new dark "Merce" and its owner says, "You do not understand, that there will communicate that sell? "Comment:
"In this regard, I wish again thank you for the song "Minsk and Minsk." We have it at corporate singing with a guitar. "

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