Trojan horse open government

U.S. intelligence agencies jeopardize the reputation of the country and spend a lot of money in order to obtain maximum information about government activities even allied powers. At the time, the Russian government itself spends a lot of money to make it as open to all its activities.

One of the favorite child of the current prime minister Dmitry Medvedev — "Open Government" celebrated on June 5, the first anniversary.

What is this structure that is in no way provided for the Basic Law of the Russian Federation? It is strongly promoted by the West doctrine of governance that emphasizes the citizens' right of access to documents and the actions of the state for the purpose of capacity for effective public control over government regulation. In other words, the new version of the notorious "cook" the control by the state. 

As we know, none of the self-respecting professionals do not like it when he "stand on the soul," as it is operating. It is hard to imagine that the surgeons were invited relatives of the patient to the operating room during surgery, although it would seem their "right" to control the actions of doctors obvious. Even auto service workers allow car owners to shop service only when necessary. Hardly anyone would say that the government's job less complicated and responsible.

However, the Prime Minister said that insists that government meetings were in public.

Medvedev admitted that some ministers are sometimes asked him not to hold a meeting "on camera", but it's not going to meet them. "The main topics are announced, and the discussion on them is a camera that I do not hide, sometimes an inconvenience. To me and colleagues from the government's approach, say, can we have a little podzakroem" — said the head of government. "I usually meet them in this plan does not go, because I believe that our people, not only the community of experts, and all of our people have to understand what the government is doing what decisions are made," — said Medvedev.

As is known, the operational interest to foreign intelligence services are not only material classified as secret, the analysis of even unclassified materials allows you to get detailed information. However, it's not the only problem. Turning into a sort of government meeting whether "House-2", or "Survivor", ministers are pushing for work not for the country, and the public. They just will have to think not so much about the effectiveness of solutions to their problems, and how to please the audience. However, there are very serious doubts as to whether it's "reality show" will become more popular — perhaps the view of government meetings will attract a wide audience, except for foreign spies and extremely narrow circle of specialists. Not least because that not all will understand the average citizen. Even the launch of the portal "open data" that Medvedev promised in the near future unlikely to change anything. For one simple reason: the people interested in the result of the government, not the process. And that's fine. For the same control of the national government has a well-known authority, the parliament, the State Duma, in which the people elect their representatives.

However, the uniqueness of "Open Government" is not limited to the mentioned moments. Yes, there is also a "Council of Experts". Expert councils exist in many structures and their functions are obvious — they are attracted to analyze important issues and qualified opinion on certain issues. However, "the expert council of the Open Government" busy quite different, it is not working under the government, and he puts his problem!

For example, Dmitry Medvedev, "as an experiment" has agreed to periodically review at government meetings the issues raised by the Expert Council. On the proposal to introduce the practice at a meeting with members of the Prime Minister of the Expert Council under the Russian government made CEO of the company "Composite" Leonid Melamed. "In principle we can," — said Medvedev, explaining, however, that these issues must still assume some sort of solution. "Still, a formal meeting of the government is such a thing," — he added. "Let's try, I will not mind," — said the head of another government.

Thus here — a body that is not provided by the Constitution, whose members are not elected by the people, is entitled to submit for consideration of the Government any topic. It does that mean? On what basis? What is the legal status of the "Advisory Board", a structure resembling a lobbyist? Incidentally, the recent "defector" Sergei Guriev also a member of "Advisory Council".

So what exactly is "Open Government"? Just another favorite, expensive and useless toy Dmitry Medvedev, seeking, like the heroine of Andrei Platonov, progressive old woman Federatovne to all new and unusual?

Okay, so if you would, but in the "OP" but drag the Prime Minister, there are other more important aspects.
So, the Minister Mikhail OP Abizov back in April for the whole world declared that Russia will soon join the International Partnership Open Government Partnership, an international organization that aims to increase the transparency and accountability of government. OGP, which includes more than 50 countries, requires all participants greater openness. And most importantly — the implementation of action plans publicly estimated by the government and public representatives of each state.

If you look closely at the structure of the "OP", especially in the Russian and foreign professional consultants, it becomes clear that the "OP" preparing our country to the reformatting of the state government on the basis of the Anglo-Saxon values and standards for more efficient management. "OP" recommends switching to U.S. standards. According to analysts, the main task "OP" become a tool for "regime change" — laid the foundation ultrademokratizatsiya, ultraotkrytost and total social control, at any time can be used to create chaos in the government. And in this case, "OP" is always ready to replace the present system of government.

The concept of "OP" was developed in the Council for National Security, and Washington would very much like to see Russia joined the OGP. This would greatly simplify the system of control over the country. An interesting detail is that hardly known to most Russians. One of the main developers of the concept and implementation of "OP" is a company of American consultants from The Monitor Group Company (MGC, now Monitor Deloitte). In Russia Monitor Group has opened an office in 1996. From 2007 to 2011, one of the founders of the MGC, Michael Fuller, was the International Board of Trustees of "Skolkovo". Mark Fuller at the time said that his company has long been working Richard Dirlov (up to 2005 he was head of MI6) and former head of the Department of MI6's Middle East Sir Mark Allen (he is also a retiree from 2005). Ominously, "OP" listens and follows directions "great friends" of Russia. Oh, they have long known how and what to do with Russia to further its "prosperity."

But, fortunately, in the nation, there are those who are able to see the essence of the subject, even in the "innovative" wrap. And, on the eve of "jubilee" Russian President Vladimir Putin ca
nceled accession of the Russian Federation in 2013 in partnership "Open Government" (Open Government Partnership). This was reported by ITAR-TASS citing presidential spokesman, Dmitry Peskov. "This decision is really made," — said Sands. At the same time, he noted that it is not a folding operation. But there are adjustments to the timing and volume of Russia's participation in this international organization. This is undoubtedly good news. But this is not enough — in the higher echelons of state power not only unconstitutional operating structure, but there are people professionally incompetent or acting in the interests of foreign states.

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