Tula dolphins brought out of Egypt medals

In Alexandria, Egypt, ended with the World Cup finals in Marathon heats in flippers. Pupils Tula SDYUSSHOR "Dolphin" was able to win four medals. At a distance of 6 kilometers from women won Marina Umerenko and Lyudmila Tikhonov was third.

The young men excelled Roman Smolskiy, and the girls second result showed Linda Abuhadrus. Overall team standings of the World Cup Tula "Dolphins" took first place in all age groups.

In the individual competition in women Umerenko Marina became the first, and Lyudmila Tikhonov — the second, men Dudchenko Paul won the "bronze", the girls got the trophy Linda Abuhadrus, the young men — Roman Smolskiy, and Alex was the third Shupranov

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