Turkey and Syria did not want war, but war

Turkey and Syria did not want war, but war
October 3 from the Syrian strike killed five Turkish people, the inhabitants of the town Akchakale: two ladies and three children. Apology from Syria to Turkey will not rest in Ankara held protests, and the parliament gave the Turkish government mandate to conduct military operations by Turkey for up to a year.

«All that we seek — it is peace and security in our region — said Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Prime Minister of Turkey. — And specifically, we care about the most. We have no intention to go to war because we all beheld the consequences of confrontations in Iraq, Iran and Afghanistan. Turkey with all this quite hard to protect its own people and its borders. I do not recommend testing our resolve in this matter. «

For permission to deputies approached the cabinet due to the «aggressive actions» by the Syrian army. Gained approval from the Parliament allows the Turkish authorities during the year to send its own troops in Syria and make aviaobstrely Syrian countryside.


Turkish Deputy Prime Minister Besir Atalay explained that parliamentary approval of military action outside the country is not a «memorandum declaring war», and Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan stressed that Ankara wants to act in cooperation with international organizations.

NATO — one of the organizations — made an official statement, worked out on the basis of a critical meeting of representatives of the alliance: «In connection with the brutal actions nedavneshnimi Syrian authorities in the south-eastern border of NATO, which is a flagrant violation of international law and constitutes an obvious and specific danger to Safety 1st of allies, NATO, the Council held a meeting today under Article 4 of the Washington Contract and discussed with lengthy attacks regions of Turkey, adjacent to the Turkish-Syrian border by the Syrian regime. Last shelling took place October 3, 2012, as a result of which killed five people in Turkey and many were injured. We are seriously concerned that the shooting and strongly and unanimously condemn it. In the spirit of indivisibility of security and solidarity, the effluent from the Washington contract, the union continues to support Turkey and requests immediate cessation of all brutal action against the Allies, and bezotstupno urges the Syrian authorities to put an end to the outrageous violations of international law. «

Almost that peaceful statement. And no brutal cases this declaration, and never will be. And the Pentagon said that it is not about war, but about the small border skirmishes. Especially since that America, which prefers to wage war by proxy, this situation is just like it.

It is also interesting that an unnamed employee of the U.S. Defense Department said that from a possible war between Turkey and Syria prepyadstviya will not necessarily have the second, and at first: «In some sense, Turkey will lose in such a war more than Syria. Turkey already has a potential problem with refugees from Syria, and the war will only aggravate the situation. «

In another organization — the UN Security Council — also adopted a statement, according to which Ankara and Damascus should show restraint after the shooting incident Akchakale.

The UN Security Council condemned the shooting incident, the Turkish town and blamed it on the Syrian army: «Members of the Security Council condemned the shelling of the Syrian armed forces of the Turkish town Akchakale that led to the death of five civilians persons.»

Security Council members claimed «to stop such violations of international law and to prevent their recurrence,» also called on the Syrian government to «fully respect the sovereignty and territorial integrity of their own neighbors.»

In the Security Council drew attention to the fact that the incident «underscores the disastrous effect that the crisis in Syria has on the security of its neighbors and to international peace and security.» In this regard, members of the UN Security Council called on the parties to exercise restraint.

But it seems that neither Syria nor Turkey to show restraint. October 5, Syria and Turkey again exchanged artillery strikes. On the part of its southern neighbor opened fire on the Turkish province of Hatay, and then the Turks shelled the Syrian countryside. Shell fired by the Syrians, exploded next to a farm. About the dead and the wounded no information has been received. Not reported injured in the process and the Turkish response.

With all this the Syrian government recently gave troops to combat roll acts in a ten-zone adjacent to the border. Military aviation forbidden to approach closer than 10 km to the Turkish border, and artillery — to strike down this lane.

Meanwhile, the Turkish army continues to pull to the border with Syria additional artillery units, tanks and missile batteries. In addition, the Mediterranean deployed warships and submarines.

Doctor of Historical Sciences Jora Mir says, «… an unavoidable misfortune Assad axis Damascus — Tehran. This will not forgive him — neither Turkey nor Egypt nor Saudi Arabia nor the West. Because he fails to win to keep its own regime. Before the end of his reign, someone will say to him: «The guy on the wrong horse bet! The Persian horse. Arab leaders can not do it, you need to put in Arabic, Turkish, French, not the Persian, this lead to no good. » But on the other hand — is guilty of father and offspring Asada, they belong to the Alawite sect (Shia that almost, but not quite, and Sunnis — what’s the difference). And what do the poor Alawites aggressive in the Sunni world, where to go, how not to Iran? «Yet Mir believes that» individual «war between Turkey and Syria will not. Will invasion of the Turks in Syria, will be made «safety zone» for peaceful inhabitants, and there is something they have any territorial bridgeheads for a general campaign against capital («Syrian Benghazi»), which is lacking at the moment of the «Free Syrian Army». Assad, do not be fool, go and move its tanks and helicopters, and then Turkey, Arab and Syrian rebels demand from NATO air cover, no-fly zone. «

No-fly zone has practically made itself Assad (10 km from the border). As for NATO action, the Mir believes in a strong alliance with Syria, «… at this moment on stage armed with Iran will be released, for which Syria can not lose in any way: the loss of a person not only for Ahmadinejad, and the spiritual leader of the Islamic Revolution Khamenei. This means that the war could drag on for years, and we still see as a backdrop of unprecedented bloodshed diplomats will be with a sense of satisfaction to celebrate another anniversary Kofi Annan plan. «

Sovereign Erdogan, the Turkish countryside privechali on Syrian «opposition» — the essence of mercenaries and terrorists — and to feed their podlechivat and supplying instrument piquant control professionals from the CIA, he adds fuel to the fire, including a flame border conflicts, which perhaps, and there would be no flocking troops retreating under pressure Assad militants to the border.

Despite the appeal of Turkey to NATO, the Alliance is unlikely to take active actions. Faster still, the incident with the Turkish aircraft downed, 10 minutes circling in the sky and the Syrian got in sight of air defense, limited to a «judgmental» statement.

Regarding the position of the United States, Obama also will not wage war with their own hands. Especially in the press have got rumors that the Pentagon and the CIA develop motivated packages for application in October strikes on Libya — and specifically in places where it can hide group «Ansar al-Sharia.» So far, however, the decision to storm pending, but unmanned reconnaissance planes were already flying over the eastern Libyan ground. Planning attacks due to the fact that Obama wanted to punish the militants involved in the assault on the consulate general in Benghazi. Just not able to do the Libyan government rather weak, the strong silent America not to face. Especially before the election. In general, America is not to Syria with Turkey.

Turkey acts as understandable and predictable — this government is fighting for leadership in the region. Syria — a powerful country, but it undermined the war civilians, and in particular the intervention of mercenaries, supported by all the West — from the U.S. to France, and the Arab world — from Turkey and Saudi Arabia to Qatar. Iran — too strong, but suffocating in the grip of Western sanctions, and atomic bombs had not. Vpribavok it threatens Israel. In Saudi Arabia — crisis «gerontocracy», and soon there will squabble for power, because of its regional power — a huge issue. Qatar is very small, though the rich to qualify for Middle East hegemony. Then who will be the owner here? Ankara, who else. Especially Erdogan, you pay tribute to him, was able to raise the country’s economy at a fairly high level. It remains to strengthen political leadership — and Turkish Prime Minister will have a chance to make history with majestic.

Fanfare heard … But we should not forget that neither Syria nor Iran are not going to give up, and the UN Security Council the «convictions» will not do, as our homeland and China would not allow him to go further. NATO and even more so taken separately Turkey United States also will not support. Strong powers America anywhere in the world are not necessary and the Middle East as well.

Surveyed and translated Oleg Chuvakin

source topwar.ru
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