Tver Energy IDGC of Centre continued to replenish fleet

As part of the investment program in the third quarter, a branch of JSC "IDGC of Center" — "Tverenergo" purchased 15 units of vehicles. All machines are distributed in the areas of electrical networks (RES) of the branch. For the purchase of special equipment Tver energy of "IDGC of Center" sent about 80 million rubles.


In a solemn ceremony on 4 keys were handed to representatives autohydrolifts Ostashkovsky, Kalyazinsky, Udomelsky RES and Rzhevsk of mechanization and transportation, which will serve Zubtsovsky and Olenino RES.

One by one brigade car will be transferred to Selizharovsky and Kalyazinsky RES Nelidovskiy and Rzhevskoe service lines, as well as Torzhokskaya RES as the winner of the June contest of professional skills. Two truck tractors on the basis of MAZ, crane and three trailer of heavy duty involved on the basis of mechanization and transportation executive office Tverenergo.

In preparation for the difficult period of low temperatures specialists of the branch to seasonal maintenance vehicles, replacement summer tires for winter, check that the heater is both the cars and vans, the necessary briefings for drivers operating features technology in the autumn-winter period.

"Fleet replenishment is especially important when preparing for the upcoming autumn-winter period. Modern transport is important for the solution of power engineering tasks to ensure reliable power supply. Using vysokoprohodimoy technology allows you to quickly deliver operational and maintenance crews to power lines and other energy, which in the middle zone of Russia, usually located in a remote wooded area. Rehabilitation works are often complicated by severe weather conditions — lots of fresh snow, high winds and snow. Robust construction equipment is the key to operational emergency teams ", — said the head of logistics and logistics branch Yuri Vidineev.

The plans of the Tver power engineers of "IDGC of Center" purchase an additional 41 units of special equipment — UAZ vehicles, tracked vehicles, the brigade vans, drilling and boring machines.

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