U.S. Embassy condemns the current sentences

Chargé d’Affaires Jonathan Moore, who along with many politicians and diplomats were in the metropolitan district court of Minsk, gave a comment to our reporter about the current trials of participants of the meeting on 10 January.
"The U.S. Embassy condemns sentences these cases. No circumstances to prohibit these people express their view peaceful method. Together with the staff yesterday we watched the protest on October Square, and we say that the participants in this protest peacefully expressing their view. No justification for the beating and detention of people who yesterday there wasand. Especially since surprisingly, that the detainees — the same people who presented a petition of protest Medvedeva. And here’s the answer — they are now here without lawyers, without support, without the presence of people in the courtroom. And the judges act as prosecutors. "


Tags: entrepreneurs, usa, masonry, tribunal

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