2nd Stormy weekdays diplomatic mission

To transfer paper was involved painstakingly prepared clerk Stanevich mission. Applications for Belarusian passports each week was less — a few months of the mission, all the resources of the unregistered Belarusian population in Latvia is almost completely dried up. Consular revenues braked. Mission desperately fought for physical existence.
Another petitioner wrote:
"Ladies and gentlemen,
Being born, Belarusians, although British by birth, and knowing that I can be useful to our Republic, I have the honor to offer their services to the Government of Belarus.
Born in 1897 in Vitebsk province of British parents, I was brought up in Petrograd in the gymnasium of St. Peter. I held various positions as a correspondent for foreign languages more fundamental in today’s trading. I know perfectly languages: British, Russian, French, German and Spanish — speaking and writing. Currently, I am in government service in Lower Libau in Courland as a correspondent for foreign languages and at the same time the editor of the British magazine getega town …
Where in Libau at a time could take the British magazine, thought Ezovitov. But the city port, which is not enough there can be miracles. Well, there more …
"…I can see perfectly that all or nearly all the chances for success of the Belarusian depend on the behavior of allies against the young and very oppressed intrigues her neighbor Poland, the Republic. For this reason, should lay the beginning of propaganda in the Entente states: Britain and the United States more than in France, because the latter patronizes a day or Poland on the base and will care for her in the upcoming.
That is why I consider it my duty to address to you, Ladies and Gentlemen, as representatives of Belarus, offering their knowledge and work our government and together with those hot believe that Belarusian The People’s Republic will be majestically and the Free State. I beg you, please refer to the Government and possible quickly inform his decision.
Take vpevnenni my deepest esteem.
Gedvard Bras
Libau, February 2, 1920
Such letters mission get at least once a week. Hard to say — that lured foreigners than their lured so mysterious and unknown at the time of Belarus, which Tipo not promise wealth or happiness or shred. Chief of mission usually arranged such requests, feeling apostolic interest in expanding Belarusian faith in the midst of strangers. With Belarusian passport lived in Latvia is not only ordinary Romanians, Tatars and Karaites, and the Greeks, the Khazars, and even one from nowhere listed skiff. There was, however, in possession of a passport and practical nuance — with him completely legal could ride through the turbulent post-war borders.
Imposing a positive resolution to the statement of the new Belarusian patriot case Ezovitov remembered the largest prey that in these few months got his registration and consular network …
While traveling in the affairs of the mission in Estonia and Finland, where Ezovitov found scattered around the world war Belarusians with a view to their possible registration and mobilization in the Belarusian army, he met in the midst of the rest with the General Balakhovich. On Stanislav Bulak-Balakhovich the fact Time wasclear about just what he managed to war and on the side of the Reds, and on the side of the white and was ready with his pustsitstsa Individual units in any adventure.
October 30, 1919 th Ezovitov had a conversation with a representative of the Iberian Balakhovich lieutenant colonel and learned that General at the moment — quite a free man Yudenitch not subject to working together with Estonians, but not under their control. For military assistance from time to time receive from their facilities and products. Wish to be closer to his native Vilna. Once considered himself Lytvyn, but at the moment vyznat about Belarusians and already does not know — who he is. Wish to become better acquainted with Belarusian map, traffic and history.
Experienced promoter Ezovitov instantly saw that produce Belarus this misguided soul will be easy, and sent Balakhovich simple test consisting of five questions:
1st Does he Belarusian language?
Second language Lithuanian Knows?
3rd knows that the name he completely Belarusian because in Lithuanian would be "Balahovichunas"? (Here premeditated bust — wanted to great effect, so it sounds like the worst)
Fourth As it relates to public issues? And
5th if he recognizes the independence of the Belarusian People’s Republic?
Balakhovich did not answer with Gimp. November 4 to Ezovitova in revelski hotel "Golden Lion" came three officers and headquarters company officer said that General WhiteRussian language knows, and the Belarusian People’s Republic is ready to defend with all his might. Feeling the full absurdity of its own inaccuracy and long Litvinsky orientation Balakhovich returned to the bosom of his native belarushchyny century.
The result of this ethnic inspiration became general appeal to the Government of BPR:
"Chairman of the Council of Ministers of the Belarusian People’s Republic through the chief of military and diplomatic missions in Latvia and Estonia Colonel Ezovitova.
Being a citizen of the Belarusian People’s Republic, is considered essential to my army has been applied to protect the integrity and indivisibility of my country, and therefore I suggest to my government to enlist me and my squad in Belarusian Service.
Maj. Gen. Bulak Balakhovich
. "
Deeply touched and happy statement General Konstantin Ezovitov sent it to Warsaw Prime Minister of BNR Anton Lutskevich, expressing confidence that the request Balakhovich will be pleased. And she was happy. But the general himself with his band disappeared from the Belarusian prospects almost a year, and then all of a sudden emerged in autumn 1920 and raised on the anti-Bolshevik uprising Polessye repealing all other Belarusian authorities and the then government and declaring himself Parents Belarusian people.
Government Belarusian People’s Republic was worth a lot of political effort to justify to the world that he had no case to Balakhovich shares, which was marked by riots, banditry and adventurous palitykavannem. But all this will be later, and then it will recall more Ezovitova service in the Belarusian service verbovanii suspicious general’s staff.
And at the moment before the chief of the mission lay subsequent statement:
"Pan leader of the Belarusian Government
His Highness Prince Stanislaw Paul Lev Sapieha with Governor further abbreviated Oy, has the honor to address to you, aznaymuyuchy that Rod Sapieha, from which the prince — Belarus from the blood and bone. Prince was born in the castle in metal ore mines near Chicago Warsaw in America March 11, 1887 and baptized in the chapel of the Holy Huta Warszawa in the Belarusian Greek Catholic faith.
Prince — Belarusian, which means not only endless supplications to the Belarusian people, but joins in himself love, freedom and justice. He takes the case of Belarus as a country and only in union and under the tutelage of the German Empire and disgust torn to any attempt to build a union with Belarus in evil, in alliance with violence and with whose collusion whatsoever nilly …
Bukovkoy untidy printed text jumped in sight. On this day, enough said for yourself Ezovitov and put the letter aside.

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