4 years back the destroyed V.Cherkasovoy

The last years of his life Veronika Cherkasova worked in the independent newspaper "Solidarity."
She was cruelly murdered on October 20 2004 in his own apartment in Minsk. Her body with numerous stab wounds found a 15-year-old offspring Anton Filimonov and her stepfather Vladimir Myaleshka.
The basic version of the murder was found on home soil.
But the results of investigative journalism reinforce the view that the murder of Veronika Cherkasova related to its areas of activity.
Consequence a couple of times reduced and suspended again with the wording: "in connection with nevysvyatlennem person subject verbovaniyu as a defendant."
According to the press service Belarusian Association of Journalists, October first manager of the investigation department of the Minsk prosecutor Sergei Ivanov noted that the investigation can not say anything new on the case, and the investigation as previously suspended.

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