A. Rigoni A.Makaev invited to visit Minsk on February 18

He invited the emperor Rigoni visit Minsk on February 18, during protests businessmen.
According Makaeva, Rigoni visit will provide an opportunity to hold a peaceful march and rally on October Square Minsk:
"Although the government did not give permission for business meetings, their is no other way, as hundreds of thousands of people lose their jobs. Entrepreneurs are destroyed as a class. Business income fall, and it will affect the entire market of Belarus. Because businessmen have access — through consolidation across the square to uphold their constitutional right to work.
We believe if Rigoni will visit Minsk, the power will be the least repressive refers to dialogue with businessmen. Need, of course, engage in dialogue, and the such, so as not to eradicate businessmen.
We very much look forward to the positive response. "
In a letter to the emperor A. Rigoni Makaeu tells about a situation in which entrepreneurs were in Belarus, as the facts of repression against participating shares Protest January 10 and 21.
Ales Makaeu also suggests that Council of Europe, OSCE and the European Alliance took aaplet on democratization of Belarus. This initiative was supported by the protesters in Minsk on January 21.
The Italian Andrea Rigoni Office pronounced that the letter from the Emperor Makaeva got, but it’s unclear whether the sovereign Rigoni be able to come to Minsk. Tags: entrepreneurs, rally, Macau, Rigoni, February 18

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