After 3 years, I would bullpen Count of Monte Cristo

Board Supreme Court 40 minutes revised verdict month reversing referee Ruslan Aniskevich the Minsk City Court. Instead of 3 years in prison only three months. Since Sdvizhkou Alexander was arrested last year on November 18, then his term expired a day or four back. On what basis have changed the time? Lawyer journalist May Alexandrov explained: "Zdzvizhkou not justified, and only changed the term to a minimum for exceptional events. Such circumstances judicial board considered a bad state of health of the convict and the presence of his mother an old junk."

Journalists expect A.Zdvizhkova
Alyaksandr Zdzvizhkou from the Minsk detention center owed go for a day or and turned into a detective. And hours a day or a lawyer visited insulator and went out from there, said reporters gathered near the "Queen" that the court decision in the prison have already received and because the will of Alexander Sdvizhkou come in a couple of hours. But after 20 minutes of duty insulator said journalist Tipo "was released an hour backwards." An hour later, it was confirmed by the head of the detention center: "What do you expect it? He’s already on the train going home to Borisov. "
About own liberation Sdvizhkou Alexander said "Freedom" in an exclusive interview in two hours. The journalist said he braked at the home of her sister.

At large
"While the main thing — to improve their health. In prison I suffered very heavy flu, because of what began to lose his hearing and sight. Distractedly half teeth. A everything else — reparable. His release so I prakamentuyu — came under political campaign. I did not have to plant what. I was just doing their own journalistic duty. How to read Admiral Nelson before the Battle of Trafalgar — "Let each perform their own duty." That I have done. "
That’s what Alexander Sdvizhkou told how at liberty.

Because at the moment the main thing — to improve their health. Bullpen — is a negative experience

"I was called out of things with the camera, but I do not exclude that will be taken to the colony. Later it became clear that the output style to freedom. But just go out the door to no avail. Against my will was taken from prison to" Gazelle "with dark windows on station. But Borisov to mom, I do not go as feel bad. For the three months bullpen became worse to hear, to build and lost half teeth. Because at the moment the main thing — to improve their health. Bullpen — is a negative experience. If I stayed there Three years, I am afraid, would Count of Monte Cristo. In the sense that it would retaliate Worldwide "- Said Alexander Sdvizhkou.
The journalist and his lawyer did not rule out that the appeal against sentence, as Alexander Sdvizhkou own pleaded not guilty.

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