Children’s alcoholism: how it begins and what may end

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Today, no one is surprised by the words "children's alcoholism", "drinking baby." Who has not seen a company of young men sitting in the yard, somewhere on the bench with bottles of beer and cigarettes in their hands? This picture has become habitual and does not cause anything other than the desire to quickly pass by. Such companies attract children's attention only janitors, grumbling about the cigarette butts and empty bottles, always leave about shops. And where goes the contents of most of these bottles? nicotine from cigarettes smoked? This issue is of concern for the most part only the parents who often do not realize that the child began to abuse alcohol. Unaware until then, until the situation becomes critical.


First Cause, or as there is interest for alcohol

Let's start in the nearest environment for a child — a family. All children love the holidays and celebrate them together with adults at a large banquet table. A feast all known conventionally accompanied by a large variety of alcoholic beverages. Of course, no one in the family is trying to teach a child to alcohol. Rarely what teenager poured a glass of wine at the table, usually meant for kids lemonade or juice. But in the child's mind is stillalcohol becomes associated with the atmosphere of celebration and fun.

In addition, fixed opposition between adults who drink alcoholic beverages and children who drink lemonade. Subsequently, it will manifest in adolescence, when the child will tend to behave like an adult. "So what, now give up alcohol for the holidays, and all the guests pour lemonade into glasses?" — Perhaps you might ask. In fact, enough to talk with the child, that parents often do not, they just have no idea how he can perceive and interpret the holiday tradition of drinking.

Much more difficult is the case when baby encounters with alcohol outside the home, in the street. The teenager, because of age differences, most often characterized by increased suggestibility and conformism, that is, the desire to be like the people important to him. Important for a teenager often become its peers in the street of the company. When a child sees that drinkers are considered in the company of the most daring and "cool" and have authority, he readily accepts the offer of a drink with them. Over time, chat with friends over a bottle of beer or a cocktail become the norm and the only known way to make the child free time.


Treatment of Alcoholism

The conclusion of the binge

Psychiatrist at home

Blockade of alcohol dependence

Detoxification and Coding

Another reason for the entrainment of alcohol can be a desire to be (or rather look) for adults, so that parents, as it seems the child, prevent. One of the attributes of adulthood, according to the teen is smoking and drinking alcoholic beverages. In addition, parents can be difficult to credibly prohibit the consumption of alcohol and to explain the ban, while time as they occasionally can not afford it. So many teenagers adulthood is perceived as right now it is absolutely legitimate, drink and buy alcoholic beverages, "I have 18, I can buy myself a beer!".

Reasons teen begins to consume alcoholic beverages, can be very diverse, but they all lead to the formation of alcohol dependence. If time does not stop this process, the consequences can be very sad.


The Dangers of teen alcohol use

It is clear that alcohol causes much more damage to a teenager than an adult. Ethyl alcohol interferes with the processes of development and becoming more immature organism, flagrantly violating them. Teens usually drink in the hallways, secretly and quickly — "so far not been caught." In order to save time and money buying a starter virtually, at best, it chips or crackers, and then only in small quantities. Such alcohol leads primarily to problems with the gastrointestinal tract. Also contained in beer (namely, it often buy adolescents) cobalt can cause inflammation of the stomach and esophagus. However, the most negative impact on the cobalt has a human heart muscle: the heart becomes flabby and ceases to pump blood normally. A new since the time changes in the blood aggravate the situation.

Also, the use of alcohol threatens the adolescent appearance of functional disorders of the liver, pancreas, cardiovascular system (tachycardia, varicose veins, high blood pressure), a general decline in immunity.

Among the diseases of the bunch is still the most dangerous are the irregularities in the brain and central nervous system. Alcohol hinders the overall development of the intellect, memory, logical and abstract thinking, which develop just a teenager. Thus suffers emotional sphere: the child becomes withdrawn, eventually degrades a person, develop behavioral problems.

Beer, from which most teens and begin your hobby alcohol makes them aggressive and denies self control. Further events are developed by a snowball. Over time, the child begins to come home not only drunk, but also whole bruised after another drunken brawl. Evolving over time, the body tolerance to alcohol causes a person to consume more beer to achieve the desired degree of intoxication. And as the capacity of the human stomach is limited, we have to go for vodka, in order to save space. A regular (and more frequent) drinking with friends can lead to more serious crimes than the fights and hooliganism. If you or your loved ones are having a problem with alcohol, do not run the situation. Refer to the clinic "Alkomed» by phone 925-05-64 and experienced doctors, drug experts will provide you with all the necessary assistance.

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