Children’s Sexual Pathology

Child sexual pathology.

Puberty — a period of serious physiological changes related to emotional development and readiness of the organism to reproduce.

Puberty in boys usually occurs two years later than girls. Puberty varies greatly depending on many factors, heredity and environment (climate, diet, lifestyle, etc.) and may be different at different generations. Recently, puberty occurs earlier and more intense explosion of growth. As a result, the modern youth is higher on average of their peers of previous generations.

Normal puberty matches the time between 10 and 16 years old. At this age we should expect rapid growth and adolescent development of secondary sexual characteristics. At the onset of puberty before or after the normal deadlines suggestearly or Late puberty. These issues and engage in child sexual pathology.

The causes of early puberty

Early sexual maturity usually associated with premature production of sex hormones in producing their bodies: the brain and the adrenal glands. Distinguish between true and false early puberty.

The true early puberty is associated with premature activation of the hypothalamus. This area of the brain responsible for stimulating the synthesis of hormones that regulate the production of all other hormones. Early (bulimia) sex may be due to the maturity can be caused by any tumors or other structures in the brain. This form is more common in boys. However, in most cases, the specific cause of early puberty can not be found. Most often, early maturation does not affect subsequent reproductive performance.

False early sexual maturity is one of the manifestations of serious hereditary diseases: adreno-genital syndrome. In patients for genetic reasons is no normal education of one of the adrenal hormones. As a result, there is a tumor of the adrenal cortex, and begins the excessive production of male sex hormones in both boys and girls. Also documented cases of false early sexual maturity was the result of high doses of steroid hormones (for medicinal purposes). With a false early puberty there is no formation of full-fledged sex cells (sperm and eggs), and consequently, the reproductive function are not possible.

The reasons for late puberty

In the absence of signs of puberty before the age of 16 can talk about later puberty. It may be an independent phenomenon, but more often it is a symptom of serious hereditary diseases, combined with abnormalities of internal organs.

If late puberty is not complicated by any diseases, it often takes a positive and has no impact on the subsequent reproductive performance, it is only driven by the individual characteristics of the person.

What's going on?

Early Puberty

The symptoms of early puberty are accelerating growth, weight gain and advance their peers in sexual development. The girls begin to grow breasts and grow pubic hair, there are vaginal bleeding, increased uterus and appendages, and in some cases there are regular menstruation. The boys are increasing the size of genitals, pubic hair appears and the person begins erections and wet dreams.

After puberty may occur closing areas of bone growth that leads eventually to stunting.

Possible neurological symptoms:




-symptoms of glazodvigatalnyh nerves.

Late Puberty

With late sexual maturity of the symptoms of puberty occur after 16 years in girls and 18 for boys. With the combination of a late maturing with hereditary diseases can occur multiple lesions of the internal organs and impaired mental development. Such patients are under the supervision of geneticists.

Diagnosis and treatment

The diagnosis of early or late puberty can set a pediatrician or endocrinologist. For the diagnosis of the doctor should carefully examine the child, the parents ask about the conditions of his upbringing and development, to conduct a comprehensive examination to rule out serious causes of disease. You may need to consult other doctors (psychiatrists, gynecology, andrology, etc.). To determine the function of reproductive organs, need to do a blood from a vein, and to determine the level of hormones — the analysis of urine.

Sometimes irregularities in sexual development are the only features of the patient's constitution. But often, this masks the disease, which can give serious complications in the future.

For the purpose of adequate treatment should consult a qualified professional. Most often require medication hormones. In some forms of inherited diseases can not be a complete cure is only possible correction state. But in any case, treatment is individual and depends on the cause of the violation of sexual development.

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