Conversation with the prospect scares Commission applicants

Exactly a month later registered candidates will sit before a special commission that will decide: is a person place on the faculty — or do not need to waste time and take exams? One of the largest "reception Fri" entrants — Belarusian Municipal Institute — our correspondent visited.
In accordance with zatsverdzhanymi year’s "Rules of admission to universities" in the competition for higher education for the professions to which allocated special requirements, are eligible individuals who have successfully passed professional psychological conversation. The list — "government", "governance and law", "governance and economy", "international affairs", "international law", "Law", "economic law", "journalism" and "customs business." Register on the basis of personal statements of applicants started today and will last until the end of March. An audience with members of the Commission from among the Governing universities, teachers, psychologists and social teachers will be held from 5 to 30 April at universities identified by the Ministry of Education. Town, where it will occur — Minsk and regional centers, as Polotsk, Baranovichi and Mozyr.
The main university in the country — Belarus Municipal Institute — plans to skip through conversations over two thousand students. But in the first day of applying was not sold out — for half a day in the audience number 116 BSU head body not to come back, and even a dozen people.
One of the applicants, who wished to develop customs, believes that the conversation will add it and a lot of other applicants migraine:
"Well, of course, I think that without it, it would be much easier. It’s as additional competition. A competition and so is always there. Know that in the past wasof difficult to do, and now even more complicated task. "
Reporter: "That is the fear there?"
"Naturally, it is absolutely sure."
Deputy Governor of the selection committee BSU Vyacheslav Malofeev states that one of the objectives of the conversation — commensurate desires and ambitions applicants and their parents with the skills and capabilities of the candidates:
"Most likely, this commission will filter for those who come to us with one idea: to unprincipled — if only to. Logic is this: go here, it does not, I’ll go somewhere else. Huge number just does not know where to stick. If you look at the last days of receiving the documents, then what do we face? Just rush to where less competition. And it’s all possible in some cases the main argument: that only the smallest contest. And with all this is not representing that this specialty, to be honest , and it is not very suitable.’s why this motif is too. "
It clarifies the executive secretary of the selection committee BSU Lyudmila Huhlyndina here talk is scheduled for 7 specialties, but "municipal government". Interested: is there still adds complexities of mandatory conversation is coming to these faculties?
"For today’s students will be the seriousness of the tests is that they are, for sure, (I’m talking about humanitarian specialty) in recent years are not used to communicate with teachers. Their tune that must writing test, in other words — work only with paper and pen. And if the twosome with the teacher, and if they still sits three people, here in this will be difficult. But good humanities should express their thoughts, to show your logic. Here you are a journalist if the journalist would not kamunikabelnastsi — whether he can ever take at what interview? "
Reporter: "This is his 5 years will teach, and not that of the school …"
"All the same there are some elements related to the fact that people should be able to articulate their thoughts, present — where he was going, what motivated his choice of profession. And not only to realize that it is — is prestigious. "
Reporter: "Why is there such a need at the moment, rather than 5 years backwards?"
"Here it is hard to say … Maybe it’s due just the fact that the analysis of incoming, and those who are learning, this pushes. The young man goes on international affairs and believes that certainly must be diplomat. But it does not necessarily. Very small number of people really going to diplomats. In other words it is necessary to look soberly at all and it is necessary that people were really meaningful to us. "
Even before the start of the campaign, many of these discussions professionals called another reason to introduce additional control authorities for the recruitment of students. So, the last teacher of international law at the Law Faculty and the Faculty of international relations BSU Znavets Paul says that filter potentially unsafe students now will not be very difficult:
"So called prestigious law school discipline, faculty of international relations always blacksmiths qualified personnel: first for the usual country, and at the moment — for the dictatorship. Because there is such a policy by the regime, which is currently issued in Tipo legal wrapper — to keep under control frames Incoming students. So that was unreliable. And generation which is presently behind bars, which is fighting goes another area, arrange some action — it will be completely thrown out. Recent favorites emigrate or go into the shadows, will be required to find a way out, so bring yourself. Outgoing generation, as I call it, kids restructuring and personnel are already dictatorship era. And it’s sad. "
It is significant that there is no appeal if the applicant does not pass the conversation, is not provided. A decision to issue directions for admission will be made by a majority of the committee members.

What’s behind the doors of the audience number 116?

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