Daria Fox: Freedom day — prazdnichek spring and hopes

Daria Fox philologist by education. Wheelchair users. Printed in the Belarusian media-independent ("free news plus", "Our Cornfield"). Has French and English. Tries his hand at prose and poetry.
Lis"I proposed to mention day Will sudden and willful act. Eventually, tell the person you love," I love you! "Give him a white-red-white sweater. Either pull your family take a trip to Belarus — to Belarus so many beautiful, exciting places! Give the book to a friend on a historical theme. Make something personal, but very fundamental to you and your loved ones. "
Correspondent"Daria, and that means you prazdnichek this?"
Lis"For me, a day of Will — prazdnichek this spring and hope. Hope that once my whole country will know and celebrate this as prazdnichek prazdnichek Belarusian statehood. Not only Belarusian intelligentsia will know about the Freedom of days, and ordinary citizens . will know and rejoice prazdnichkom another. "
Correspondent"And in your opinion, when this might happen?"
Lis"Forecasts — nepriznatelnoe lesson, I will not do it. Faster I would like to."
Correspondent"And under what criteria?"
Lis"When you change the criteria in human minds, changes in our society."

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