Decibels on the ears

Decibels on the ears

More and more teenagers and young adults suffer from hearing problems. The reason for that — discos and similar noisy entertainment. It is fair to say that accurate statistics on this point. However, according to surveys of medical practice and know that in recent hearing problems began to arise more often in young people. And if we ignore all sorts of sharp injuries sound, the noise pollution, obtained in his spare time, is a major cause of damage zvukochuvstvitelnyh cells of the inner ear. Because of which, in fact, there are problems with hearing.

By some estimates, ten percent of youth who subjected themselves to intense sound waves within 5-10 years, is beginning to suffer from hearing loss. Simply put, frequent visits to discos and there prevails noise may well lead to hearing loss, even to complete his loss. And the rule is "the dose determines the poison" applies in this case.

In the receiving department of otolaryngology often get children and teenagers. One of the most common complaints of young patients — noise in the ears (Scientifically, tinnitus). His reasons may be very different from regular exposure to noise, to spinal diseases and mental problems. When noise appears in the ears of young people, as a rule, it is a small hearing loss.

Usually the intensity of hearing loss up to 20 dB hardly felt human. And only when this value reaches 30 dB, there are notable problems in the perception of sounds.

Noise andhearing

Noise levels to 95 dB is safe, provided that the child is attending a disco once a week. However, most clubs playing music louder than 100 dB. "And if in addition to this a few hours listening to player, loud music in the car or sit in front of a stereo system, the resulting damage is summed up," say experts. Moreover, physicians are in favor to ban the sale of players rated at more than 105 dB.

The noise level of more than 130 dB results in an immediate hearing damage. Also, do not underestimate the harm caused by firecrackers and other fireworks New Year, which sometimes explode just above the ear. However, the "sharp" sound good to treat an injury, of course, if the time to see a doctor. The main thing is often let the ears rest.

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