Diagnosis and treatment of melanoma

Diagnosis and treatment of melanoma.  Photo from www.sciencephoto.com

It is important to detect melanoma as early as possible. Regularly inspect all the moles. If some of them suddenly begins to grow too quickly, changing shape or color, inflamed or starts to hurt, immediately contact your oncologist. It is possible that this is notmole, but a real melanoma.

What should pay attention:

  • a new mole, and it is rapidly increasing in size;
  • change size, color, shape moles;
  • Moles appear in itching, burning, tingling, there nodules, ulcers;
  • mole constantly injured, bleeding.

Doctor-oncologist will examine the skin and moles. When melanoma is suspected, refer the patient for a biopsy of the skin. To understand how far through the process, appoint ultrasound lymph nodes.


The principles of treatment of all malignant tumors are almost identical. First of all, the operation is conducted, during which surgeons remove all possible foci Melanoma. Then assigned to radiotherapy (treatment with ionizing radiation) and chemotherapy (complex drugs).

The main task of the treatment — to achieve the destruction of tumor cells, because each of them can give rise to a new tumor. Radiation therapy and chemotherapy can slow the growth and reproduction of the melanoma cells that are not able to get rid of in the course of the operation.


Consult your dermatologist so that he consulted about which moles can be dangerous, and therefore subject to removal.

Any changes to moles require immediate consultation oncologist. If you accidentally ripped or some otherwise damaged birthmark, or you have any pigment and other spots on the skin — in any case, do not start to be treated yourself. Do not use folk remedies, not cauterize them with iodine or brilliant green — see a doctor!

Before you go to the solarium, be sure to go to a dermatologist. The doctor will check your skin, and, accordingly, its type and the state will develop a personalized treatment and the recommended dose. Do not abuse sunbathing, particularly in the southern latitudes.

Remember, the timely diagnosis Melanoma may depend on your life!

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