E.Makovskaya Belarusians in the Diaspora behind

When asked what caused such concern Belarusian authorities, a spokesman for the Foreign Ministry of Belarus Andrei Popov Pronunciation:
"You know what we said last week, now it exhaustively. More than anything, I can not add. Here is the official position of the Belarusian side, which was expressed. Yavna She exhausted and for us."
Chairman of the board of international public association "World Association of Belarusians" Fatherland " Lena Makovskaya said that in 2002 the possibility of adopting open a discussion of the law on compatriots living abroad. "Fatherland" sent its proposals to the Government of Belarus:
"In our proposals we terminology such as identity card or Belarusian, injected. Whether it is accepted that the draft law, which This year going to open a discussion the House of Representatives, now very hard to say.

Lots of soil, which would build the country work with Diaspora …

On the present day there is no ground on which the work was based Belarusian Belarusian Diaspora countries, Belarusian minorities. In practice, such a system work missing. And first this visa issue, the question of their stay here, the issue of registration. Very many of those issues which in any case facing our Belarusians when they come to Belarus.
In particular, the burning is for those Belarusians who live close — in Poland, in Lithuania. This question arrived in Belarus, it is the price of visas, registration price, this is the time that is lost at the reception if they visit their own relatives, insurance on the vehicle. Very many questions.
Because Poland has gone further in this issue. It provides a number of offers and benefits for its own diaspora, for the Polish foreign countries. Belarussians, naturally, in this regard is very behind. "Tags: Belarusian, Makovsky, priests, Pole diaspora map

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